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Meredith Vieira and Kate Gosselin Show Off Their Gorgeous Legs in High Heels

Meredith Vieira interviews Kate Gosselin on her crappy morning show. This is two women showing off their gorgeous legs in high heels. Both have tight and toned legs that they tend to enjoy showing off in sexy high heels. I care not for either one of these women but they are worth checking out if only for their beautiful legs.

kate gosselin and meredith viera kate gosselin and meredith viera

Anne Hathaway and Meredith Vieira – Women in High Heels

Anne Hathaway stopped by the Today to yap about her Oscar bait movie this morning. Lucky for those of us who like long legs and high heels that she was interviewed by Meredith Vieira. The reason that this rocked is because both ladies wore a dress and high heels stilettos. Meredith was wearing her typical black high heels courtesy of Christian Louboutin. Anne Hathaway delighted me wearing a pair of towering red suede stilettos. I love the suede. And Anne was definitely fun to look at wearing them. Two sexy babes wearing high heels seen on a show that thankfully has no problem in giving a full body shot of the talent. No tables to get in the way. No shoddy camera work. Just a perfect view of women in high heels

anne hathaway and meredith vieira anne hathaway and meredith vieira

High Heels Recognitions for 2008

I have a few favorites from 2008. Some are shoes. Some are the celebrities that wore them. The mentions are lame and the sentiments are probably not shared by many. But this is what I dug the most from this past year.

Favorite shoes: High heel stiletto suede. Heidi Klum wore them well. Carmen Electra strapped on a pair for a photoshoot. Even the glum Rachel McAdams wore a pair. Minka Kelly wore a blue pair and Christina Aguilera mounted herself on a purple pair. The suede wasn’t as popular as the black high heel pump from Christian Louboutin, but I still like the look best of all.

Best celebrity legs in high heels: There are some nice celebrity legs out there. Jennifer Aniston is blessed with sexy legs and she typically wears attire like skirts and shorts to show off those gams. Kate Beckinsale has hot legs, but she shined more in 2007, particularly as she was helping her husband promote Die Hard 4. And who can forget Gwyneth Paltrow‘s makeover in the spring as she came out wearing towering high heels in showing off her beautiful long and shapely legs. But the gal who really did it for me was Renee Zelleweger. She showed why as she promoted Apalloosa. Her legs are shapely and incredible. You can tell she works out and takes good care of those stems.

Most surprising celebrity in high heels: There are a few celebrities that I was very surprised to have any interest in during 2008. Normally I would not have given them a second thought but they looked so hot in their high heels. The much reviled Heidi Montag. She always looked for a photo-op and she was always ready wearing a sexy pair of high heels. Meredith Vieira made her shitty morning show worth watching. Same with Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Such incredible legs these two have and they always have on a pair of high heels. But the most surprising was Kim Kardashian. The girl may be a ditz and famous for nothing, but she still has an incredible body, from her legs on up, and she has style.

One to watch: There is some new talent that popped up during 2008. Hayden Panettiere comes to mind. She really did some good work during the year embracing her femininity with sexy dresses and heels. Blake Lively has long legs and tried her best to decorate herself in pleasing ways. But my favorite was Ashley Tisdale. I look forward to what 2009 will bring from her. There is a lot of potential sexiness there.

Surprising lack of interest: People did not care as much for Charlize Theron as I thought they would. She is gorgeous. She has a fantastic body. And she is extremely stylish. Almost perfectly so. I would have bet she would have been in the top 5 of favorite posts yet she barely cracked 1,000 views for any of the posts I made. Interesting.

Way to maximize your potential: Hands down, Lily Allen. Recent photos of her in a short dress and towering high heel stilettos were incredible. She’s not the hottest chick around but she totally maximized her potential to the fullest. I thought she looked fantastic and found these photos to be some of the hottest all year, if not the hottest.

Special thanks: To Jay Leno and Craig Ferguson’s production staff. Unlike the bozos who run David Letterman and Conan’s stage, Jay and Craig always do a fantastic job of showing a guest’s full body. You never have to wonder what their legs look like, or if they are wearing high heels. The camera pans wide and continues to show their legs.

Underrated: Marisa Tomei and Carla Gugino. Gorgeous legs. Beautiful girls. Fantastic bodies. I have major crushes on these women. They never disappoint wearing cleavage and leg baring dresses and high heels.

Overrated: Victoria Beckham. She is too skinny. Weird looking. Never smiles. Her only redemption is that she wears incredible high heels. Too bad they are attached to such a strange looking woman.

2009 should be interesting. I am hopeful the trend remains that heels stay high and thin. My guess is that designers will begin trying clunky and chunky again. But I know nothing about trends and styles. Only what I find sexy. And I find high heels sexy. I’d like to see more suede. I’d like to see more heels with jeans. I’d actually like for high heels to stop with the stripper trend. I like 4 inch heels. I like 5 inch heels with a small platform. Any higher starts looking a bit ridiculous most times.

Meredith Vieira Sexy Legs in High Heels on the Today Show

Decided that is was time to post more of Meredith Vieira’s legs in high heels from the Today show. I still like her hot legs. I’m still happy that she shows off those gams on nearly every show. I’m still happy that she wears very high heels. Meredith’s legs are a lot of fun to look at. They are like looking at a pretty sunrise. Or seeing the waves early on a sunny morning. They are just a part of a good morning.

meredith vieira meredith vieira meredith vieira

Meredith Vieira in Stiletto High Heels

Meredith Vieira is always a treat in high heels. I have no interest in her morning show, but the fact that she is always sitting on the couch with her legs crossed in a pair of towering stiletto high heels is enough to get me to at least flip the channel over for a quick visit. Meredith is an older chick but she still has legs worth checking out. And her or her producers have enough sense to decorate those stems with sexy high heels. They really know how to work her best asset. Figure I’d throw in a bit of variety as she seems to prefer the black high heels but I wanted to present her in the beige stilettos as well. As a bonus that chick she interviewing below is fairly hot too.

Meredith Vieira in High Heels

This is Meredith Vieira in high heels. She is on the Today show in the mornings for those that wondered. Thankfully the show’s directors see fit to not have Meredith hiding her gorgeous legs behind tables and stuff. Many times those fabulous gams are prominently displayed strapped into very expensive and very sexy high heels. And I dig the stiletto heeled boots she’s sporting in the photo too. She’s an older babe but when you got it you got it, right?