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Elizabeth Banks Lovely in a Low Cut and Short Purple Dress

Elizabeth Banks showed up for some event where they celebrated Elizabeth Banks. She showed off her cleavage and sexy legs in a low cut and short purple sparkly cocktail dress. She posed on the red carpet revealing her fabulous sex appeal. She looked great.

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Elizabeth Banks Sexy Legs in a Thigh High Slit Dress and High Heels

Elizabeth Banks looked wonderful as she attended to her contractual obligations on the red carpet showing off her sexy legs in a thigh high side slit dress and ankle strap high heels. She seemed to be enjoying herself as she posed for the cameras providing ample viewing of her fabulous physique and lovely style. She seldom disappoints on the red carpet and I dare say this time for her cartoon movie premiere was no different. She has excellent style and typically does an interesting job of showing off her physical attributes. She’s a red carpet fave.

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Elizabeth Banks Lovely in a Thigh High Slit Red Dress

Elizabeth Banks took to the red carpet to support her latest Pitch Perfect project wearing a lovely floor-length red dress. The curve hugging sequined number had a fabulous slit up the side to show off her sexy legs in satin red ankle strap high heels. Quite a talent and stunning woman.

elizabeth banks
elizabeth banks elizabeth banks

Elizabeth Banks Has Pretty Legs in a Short Dress an High Heels

Elizabeth Banks is making the rounds promoting some movie or something. She stopped by that crapfest better known as the Late Show with Letterman for a chat wearing a short black dress and sexy strappy high heels. This woman has pretty, long legs though I still wish she would spend some time exercising. There is virtually no muscle tone or definition in her thighs or calves. However, she is a stylish woman that does a nice job of showing off her figure. She’s enjoyable to see on the event carpets and other venues.

elizabeth banks legs

elizabeth banks legs

Elizabeth Banks in High Heels

This is Elizabeth Banks. She is a very pretty girl. She dresses well. She has a nice body. And she has chosen to wear some very sexy high heels. However, her legs are not shapely at all. They are are long. They are slim. But there is no shape. She allows us a fantastic view of her legs from behind, yet there is no tone or definition there even in the highest of heels. Tragic.