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Anne Hathaway stopped by the Today to yap about her Oscar bait movie this morning. Lucky for those of us who like long legs and high heels that she was interviewed by Meredith Vieira. The reason that this rocked is because both ladies wore a dress and high heels stilettos. Meredith was wearing her typical black high heels courtesy of Christian Louboutin. Anne Hathaway delighted me wearing a pair of towering red suede stilettos. I love the suede. And Anne was definitely fun to look at wearing them. Two sexy babes wearing high heels seen on a show that thankfully has no problem in giving a full body shot of the talent. No tables to get in the way. No shoddy camera work. Just a perfect view of women in high heels

anne hathaway and meredith vieira anne hathaway and meredith vieira