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Anna Kendrick Sexy Legs in a Pink Mini Dress and High Heels

Anna Kendrick presented herself on the red carpet for the juvenile awards on Fox wearing a lovely little pink dress with silver ankle strap high heels. Her legs looked rather fabulous in the dress while her cleavage was equally as divine. I enjoy observing her  on the various red carpets and media events she is contractually obliged to attend. She has a great body and does a fantastic job of decorating it. She even seems to enjoy it. She’s a favorite.

anna kendrick anna kendrick


Reese Witherspoon Sexy Legs in a Short White Skirt and Chunky Heels

Reese Witherspoon continued to win summer as she made her way around the city in a tasteful white skirt with a tied top and chunky heel ankle strap sandals. Her legs were nice displayed as she the obvious work she puts in working out was on full display. Her sexy legs are toned and shapely. She remains one of my favorite street style celebrities. She never disappoints in being fashionable and stylish.

reese witherspoon reese witherspoon reese witherspoon



Ming-Na Wen Sexy Legs in a Low Cut Dress

Ming-Na Wen showed off her sexy legs and fabulous cleavage as she made her way down the red carpet in a lovely low cut dress and ankle strap high heels. She helped promote some movie about crazy rich Asians. She typically does a great job of wearing stylish and sexy attire. This lovely dress is proof of that. She has a toned and tight body and is very attractive. I enjoy seeing her on the red carpet. She certainly seems like she is enjoying herself.

min-na wen min-na wen

Chloë Grace Moretz Shapely Legs in a Sexy Little Red Dress

Chloë Grace Moretz made her way to one of the stupid late night shows wearing a lovely little red dress and stylish mule heels that showed off her gorgeous legs nicely. It’s fairly obvious she is a fan of fitness as her legs are quite shapely. She is one of the more stylish actresses plying her trade in the Hollywood sewer these days. I am always interested in seeing what fashionable attire she has adorned herself in.

chloe grace moretz chloe grace moretz chloe grace moretz

Elle Mcpherson Long Legs in Cropped Pants and Ankle Strap High Heels

Elle Mcpherson took her long legs for a stroll in cropped black pants and ever present ankle strap high heels. This lady remains one of the more saucy supermodels. Her legs are obviously incredible and she is stunningly beautiful. Growing up she was one of my favorite Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. And even after multiple decades that body of hers remains a sight to behold. She makes 20 year olds wish they were 50.

elle macpherson elle macpherson


Jessica Lowndes Showing Off Her Sexy Legs in a Short Black Dress

Jessica Lowndes showed up to the Hallmark Mysteries red carpet event showing off her fabulously sexy legs in a short little black number and standard ankle strap high heels. She has a lovely figure and incredible legs that are well worth discussing. She is stylish and does a nice job of showing off her sex appeal for the photographic red carpet conga line. I’m usually rather impressed in her fashion choices and beauty. Well done.

jessica lowndes jessica lowndes


Kourtney Kardashian Sexy Legs in a Floral Dress and Pink High Heel Sandals

Can’t say I’m a fan of the Kardashians but this one looks pretty fantastic in an off the shoulder floral dress and cute pink high heel sandals. Kourtney Kardashian’s legs are shapely and toned and look great in the short dress and heels. I’m impressed. The whole Kardashian cult thing is something that annoyed me but I have to give credit where credit is due. This is a great outfit, classy and stylish, perfect for the summer worn by someone with obvious well-earned physical attributes. Well done.

kourtney kardashian kourtney kardashian kourtney kardashian