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Anna Kendrick Flashing Her Sexy Legs in a High Slit Dress

Anna Kendrick took to the red carpet to promote something wearing a lovely sleeveless and thigh high slit dress and fabulous mule slip on high heels. She always looks classy and elegant. I enjoy seeing her work the red carpet. She has lovely legs and fabulous curves that she obviously knows how to show off. She tends to be a favorite.

anna kendrick anna kendrick


Amber Heard Showing Off Her Sexy Legs on the Pagan Worship Red Carpet

Amber Heard attended that stupid music event weat everyone gets a chance at seeing just how silly that can be on the red carpet. However, given Amber Heard and her class and elegance she actually made most of the rest of the cultural music pagans look like dorks. Her dress looked reasonably elegant. I mean, it had to have a splash of flair somewhere just to be accepted on the red carpet. She paired the strapless number with lovely Christina Louboutin pumps that really accentuated her sexy legs. I’ve always found Amber to be quite a charming and attractive woman. She didn’t disappoint posing on the red carpet though I can never understand why a woman of grace would ever attend such nonsense.

amber heard amber heard


Anna Camp Has Great Legs in a Short Red Dress and High Heels

Anna Camp attended some Mickey anniversary deal wearing a short red dress with silver ankle strap high heels. She has fabulous legs that are toned and slim. She is typically a delight on the red carpet as she is always stylish and classy and seems to enjoy showing off her fabulous legs in revealing attire. I don’t know much about her but I see her at various appearances and always find her quite lovely.

anna campanna camp

Sarah Michelle Gellar Sexy Legs in a Short Dress

Sarah Michelle Gellar still looks good. She paraded her sexy legs to some TV appearance wearing a lovely short dress and platform ankle strap high heels. She looks effortlessly and naturally pretty without seemingly the poison and knives that Hollywood mavens enjoys applying t their facial features. In fact she doesn’t look much different than 20 years ago when she was pretending to kill monsters. Shapely and toned legs, great street style and lovely natural beauty is a winning formula. Well done Buffy.

Celebrity legs in short dresses

Sarah Michelle Gellar Sarah Michelle Gellar

Nina Agdal Hot Shapely Legs in a Weird Dress and Ankle Strap High Heels

Nina Agdal is making her first appearance on this blog. Rather astonishing I guess though I’m not a huge fan of the model type. I prefer actress celebrities cut from the cloth of normal people who have been upgraded through their talent, fashionable appearance, fitness and great styling. Models are created from otherworldly DNA strands that are not typically that interesting. However, Nina Agdal is I think. I reckon bikini and lingerie models are different than those skeletons walking the fashion catwalk. Nina has very shapely legs and exotic features. She looks pretty nice in this weird dress and lovely ankle strap high heels.

nina agdal nina agdal

Sarah Hyland Leggy in a Thigh High Slit White Dress and High Heels

Sarah Hyland showed off her sim legs in a hot little white number with a thigh high slit up the side and stylish strappy high heels. She posed her way down the red carpet for some event looking rather lovely. She made excellent use of a her all-body bronser and matching makeup. Honestly it looks a little weird but her trim body is a delight in the little white dress. Not a favorite but noteworthy.

sarah hyland sarah hyland


Heidi Klum Shows Off Her Bosom and Long Legs in a Revealing Dress

Heidi Klum took to the red carpet of some fashion event showing off her fabulous curves and long legs in a revealing dress. Her gown revealed her bosom with a plunging front as well as showed off her long legs with a thigh high slit. She was mounted in a pair of ankle strap high heels. As usual she looked great. Her figure is fabulous and she always enjoys showing it off. She’s one of the best red carpet citizens.

Heidi Klum Heidi Klum