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Dayane Mello and Giulia Salemi Vulgar Display on the Venice Red Carpet

Models Dayane Mello and Giulia Salemi appeared on the Venice red carpet exposing their crotch. It had to happen at sometime given the number of sheer gowns we’ve seen. I assume at some point, given this vulgar trajectory we’re on, that women will show up in public wearing nothing but high heels. This is ridiculous and someone with a little class at Venice should have stepped in and said enough. This blog has usually held a higher standard of posting celebrity photos. I have tried to stay away from controversial and low-class celebrity offerings. True, at its core this is nothing but an objectification of a woman’s body part to a certain extent. However, I have tried to elevate the discussion in providing a platform for my favorite celebrities another place to show off what they are presumably wanting attention for. Their style, class and sex appeal are what I am attempting to showcase.

I have now sunk to the depths of the celebrity cesspool in presenting this filth to this blog. These vulgar women showed up in public assuming that a pretty dress and the red carpet would somehow glamorize their decision to present their full-on nudity peep show. I find it distasteful. In our sex obsessed culture it was only a matter of time that a woman’s crotch would become part of the costume on the red carpet. Again with all the women pushing the “sheer” boundary on the red carpet exposing their panties and bras to such a titillating extent THIS was the natural progression. I haven’t seen or read much backlash so I expect the rest of the red carpet brigade to use the red carpet as their strip club stage since this particular (pussy)cat has left the bag.

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