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Sarah Michelle Gellar in a Hot Little Black Backless Dress and Sexy High Heels

Sarah Michelle Gellar is attempting another return to relevancy following a really bad effort in her CW debut last year. Her shining moment, and one that we all love dearly, is her kicking ass as Buffy. Hopeful this comedy with Robin Williams will be just the thing to ramp up her popularity again so we can see her pimping the show for years to come on the various event carpets and talk shows. She made a stylish appearance for some media party wearing a hot little black number that was backless and not nearly short enough on her slim legs. Her tone legs were nicely accentuated with a pair of sexy high heels. She practiced embracing her sex appeal again with a nice little over the shoulder smolder that revealed her back and gams. All in all a good effort.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Sarah Michelle Gellar



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Sarah Michelle Gellar in Sexy High Heels

Sarah Michelle Gellar has always been a favorite. She has a nice little body that she seems like she keeps in shape. She is always trying to maximize her potential with her dresses and shoes. I think she is very pretty. I like her natural and slim body. And I think she has sexy legs. She is always strapped into high heels when the occasion calls for it.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar in High Heels

There are two things that I really like about women and their legs. The first is the leg cross. I have no idea why that is so sexy but I believe it to be one of the most feminine things a woman can do. The second is the back of women’s legs in high heels. Obviously the high heel does amazing things to the length and tone of a women’s calf muscle. It may not be very comfortable but it is visually appealing. In this photo the very lovely and always stylish Sarah Michelle Gellar demonstrates just such a phenomenon.

Sarah Michelle Gellar