Lily Allen is a Sexy Shopper

Lily Allen has certainly taken me by surprise this past week. I had  no idea there was cute and sexy somewhere within that frumpy little body. She has been out and about shopping or doing whatever in very sexy high heels. Not just any high heels but towering high heels. And those photos of her trying out makeup, you can make out thigh high stockings. Honestly it does not get any better than black lace thigh high stockings and high heels. Quite an unexpected treat from a surprisingly sexy girl. I am having to process through my little crush on her.

lily allenlily allenlily allen

One thought on “Lily Allen is a Sexy Shopper

  1. legswatcheruk

    Good grief! Is that really Lilly Allen?
    I never really rated Lilly physically before, but when i’d finished looking at these pics I realised I had the firmest erection i’d had for ages!
    Well done Lilly – you’re now officially hot!!!


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