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Eliza Dushku Has Hot Legs Wearing a Little Black Dress and High Heels

Eliza Dushku shows off her sexy body wearing her little black dress and stilettos. She has a tight body and shapely legs that she keeps toned and in shape. She works at it. She likes to exercise and workout. I like that she is hot and seems to enjoy displaying her work. She is appearing here in her litle black dress and high heels for the Guess by Marciano and ELLE Event.

eliza dushku sexy legs in high heelsEliza Dushku sexy legs in high heels

Eliza Dushku Has Sexy Legs in Towering High Heels Laying on Her Bed

I think Eliza Dushku has some of the best celebrity legs in high heels. Obviously she is active and keeps herself fit and in shape. It shows when she wears high heels as they really accentuate her gorgeous gams.

Eliza Dushku in high heelsEliza Dushku in high heels

Eliza Dushku is Sexy in a Short Dress and High Heels

I am seriously impressed with Eliza Dushku’s sexy legs that she displayed during her appearance at the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center,  ‘An Evening with Women’ event. She wore a very short dress and towering high heels that accentuated her pretty legs. I’ve noticed Dushku in many TV shows and photosets. I’ve always thought she was a pretty cool chick. She is obviously fit and toned. She’s very cute. But good grief, she looks incredible in these photos. Probably the best I’ve seen from her. Her legs, her body, just gets better each time I see her. This is some good work.


Eliza Dushku Makes High Heel Viewing Difficult

Sometimes celebrities do not make it easy to check out their high heels. They wear an ugly dress like Eliza here and you have to get lucky to see a flash of high heel. Her shoes are rather lovely. It’s a shame she decided to wear such an unflattering dress to her Fox party. She’s a very pretty girl but has rather modest tastes in what she wears to the red carpet. There is a lot of potential here and she keeps herself in good shape as the TV shows she has appeared in are rather physical. I’d just like to her decorate her body a little better.

eliza dushku eliza dushku

Eliza Dushku in High Heels

Eliza Dushku has always struck me as tomboyish, but in a good way. During her run on Buffy the Vampire Slayer she seemed athletic and edgy, but in a very sexy way. She’s definitely cute and she has a great body. She’s just one of those chicks that always surprises me when I see her. I never give her enough credit as being a hot babe. This photo, yet again, proves the point. She looks beautiful, her body looks amazing in her dress, nice legs, and the high heels are rocking. It’s a good effort. I can get behind objectifying this.