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Julianne Moore is a Beauty in Strappy High Heels

Julianne Moore has long been a favorite actress of mine. She is smart and beautiful and fearless in her choice of roles. I love her beauty though. It appears untouched by surgery. She is something like 50 years old and still just as gorgeous as she always has been, not that I think it’s a bad thing to be 50 at all. There are so many gorgeous 50+ year old women and Julianne probably leads the list.

Julianne Moore

In my pursuit of objectifying women and their legs I have always loved the chair pose. It always involves women spreading their legs out. I think it is a bit naughty, yet very sexy. It has the effect of making their legs appear longer. Whether the woman straddles the chair or simply sits in the chair, it is always a very sexy pose.

This photo of Julianne shows just such a pose. Julianne is always so stylish and beautiful. Her hair is always simply amazing. And I have to say that those strappy high heels decorating her lovely legs are very nice.

Julianne Moore