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Lucy Liu Sexy Gams in a Poofy Red Dress and High Heels

Lucy Liu has great legs. She attended some gala wearing a poofy red dress that didn’t do much for her except show off her shapely gams. She is one of my favorite celebs and she typically does a nice job of style when she hits the red carpet. Though sometimes there is a miss. She looks pretty and the dress is fine and all but it sort of covers her fabulous sex appeal. Regardless her gams look great in the high heels.

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Lucy Liu Shapely Crossed Legs in a Stylish Little Black Dress and High Heels

Lucy Liu is a favorite. Always stylish and classy I enjoy seeing what attire she will adorn herself on the red carpet. Her daily wear is rather impressive as well. Always fashionable she always looks amazing and typically reveals her fabulously shapely legs. She appeared at some event for one of her recent movies in a lovely dress with ankle strap high heels. Her crossed legs were indeed impressive. She’s a favorite.

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Lucy Liu All Smiles in a Billowy Black Number and High Heels

Lucy Liu has amazing legs that she sexily puts on display in a short little black number and hot high heels for a dinner outing. They are toned and shapely as it is pretty obvious from the muscle tone she remains a dedicated runner and fitness devote. She is a favorite.

Lucy Liu Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu is Stunning in a Black Dress and Ankle Strap High Heels Outside Late Show

Lucy Liu may very well be my favorite TV actress. She is talented, sexy, fit and stylish. You can tell by her shapely legs that she takes great care of herself. I really enjoy her TV show ‘Elementary’ where she plays the Watson character. She is a kick-ass beauty and personality. She made an appearance on the crapfest otherwise known as Letterman’s Late Show wearing a fashionable above-the-knee dress and ankle strap high heels. She looked amazing.

Sexy Circus Ring Mistress Costumes

lucy liu

lucy liu

lucy liu

lucy liu

Lucy Liu Has Great Legs in a Stylish Short Dress and Sexy Tall Heel-less Platforms

Lucy Liu is awesome. She looks amazing as she poses for photos at the Independent Film Awards wearing a stylish short dress and very interesting high heels. Her shoes do not have the traditional high heel, rather she’s wearing a heel-less high heel. Could not be very comfortable but really is the same as a traditional high heel. Women still end up on their toes whether there is a stiletto in the back or not. Anyway, Lucy is gorgeous. She has a tight body and sexy legs. I find her one of the most stylish women in entertainment. Glad to see her appearing in one of my very favorite TV shows, Southland.

Lucy Liu video – Sexy legs in high heels on Live! With Kelly



Lucy Liu in Funky High Heels

Lucy Liu looks fantastic as usual wearing a pretty pink dress cut above her knee and some funky and chunky high heel sandals. Always one to wear a cute and sexy dress and show off her gorgeous gams, she does not disappoint in these photos. The only thing disappointing in them is Alec Baldwin contaminating them. But it was a great shot of Lucy and the heels from the side so I decided to post it anyway.



Lucy Liu Crosses Her Legs in High Heels

I still have a celebrity crush on Lucy Liu. I think she is a very pretty and sexy girl with a firm and tight body. She is a stylish babe that wears nice looking clothing that works well on her curvy body. This little black dress she is wearing is fantastic as it gives a nice view of cleavage and shows off her shapely gams. She always does a good job with the high heels as well and she doesn’t disappoint with these sexy platform stilettos. Love the leg cross too. Just makes for a perfect set of photos.



Lucy Liu in Black Platform High Heels

Lucy Liu has sexy legs. She is a whole bag of eye candy. She is always very stylish and she is always wearing some towering high heels. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I have a celebrity crush on this Asian beauty. Her legs look like they get a fitness workout which I think is fantastic. Here she is appearing at the Hollywood Life’s Behind The Camera Awards at The Highlands, whatever the hell that is. I’m just glad she showed up wearing a cute dress and high heels.

Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu