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January Jones Sexy in a Low Cut and Sheer Dress

January Jones is one of the most beautiful and sexy women in the entertainment sewage otherwise known as Hollywood. Trouble is despite a fabulous figure and gorgeous legs she is hit or miss when it comes to fashion. Sometimes her style is stunning and other times it can be a disappointment. This outfit is not too bad actually. It reveals her stunning cleavage in a sexy and elegant manner. The see through bottom shows off her sexy legs in a rather classy manner. Regardless she looks beautiful.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

January Jones in a Short Dress With Tail and Odd High Heels

January Jones attended some Elle event revealing her curves and great legs in a typical oddball dress and shoes. The dress is fine across the front cutting across the top of her knees showing off her fabulous legs. Not sure what is happening with the tail in back and the weird see through chunky lucite heel. I really like the woman as she is sexy and, at least on social media, seems pretty cool. Sometimes she dazzles in her fashion choices. Other times one can be left scratching their head. This one is dubious as I like the front, dislike the tail and am not impressed with the shoes.

january jones january jones


January Jones Sexy in a Short Dress Stripes and High Heels on the Red Carpet

I like January Jones, I just don’t care much for Mad Men which she stars in. I liked the first couple of seasons but the last few I haven’t cared for. I still enjoy seeing her on the red carpet. She appeared on the promotion circuit a month or so ago wearing a nice looking short black striped dress and high heels. I think she has nice legs and is very pretty. Hopefully someone will find her something else to occupy her time with on the small screen once her gig with Mad Men is done and dusted.

january jones january jones


January Jones Has Sexy Legs in High Heels Along With Fantastic Cleavage

January Jones has an incredible body. Once again I don’t know much about this babe in these photos other than she looks hot. I don’t watch her shows or anything so I am reliant on the goodness of  photoshoots and paparazzi. I really dig these photos from her GQ appearance. She has gorgeous legs and I love seeing her in thigh high stockings and very eye catching high heels. Red lips and red high heels. They go well together.