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Carla Gugino Gorgeous on the Spotlight Red Carpet

She wasn’t in the mood to show off much more than her sexy gams in her long pretty dress and sexy high heels, but Carla Gugino looked gorgeous nonetheless attending the ‘Spotlight’ premiere. Love how the dress had a keyhole display of her belly. That’s different as usually openings like that are for displaying portions of the bosom. Also, she seemed to be displaying a new hairstyle which looks fantastic. As usual she won the red carpet.


Carla Gugino Sexy in a Little Blue Dress and Nude Platform Pumps at AOL BUILD Speakers Series

Carla Gugino, ever lovely and wearing a sexy little blue dress with cut out cleavage detailing and towering platform nude pumps attends AOL BUILD Speakers Series promoting “Wayward Pines” at AOL Studios. She looks amazing and it is great to find her back on the screen again.

carla gugino carla gugino

Carla Gugino Curves and Toned Legs in a Strapless Dress and High Heels

Carla Gugino remains a favorite. I’m not certain what she’s doing these days but it is always a treat to see her brighten the red carpet. She made a recent appearance at one of the ‘Gravity’ premieres wearing a pretty strapless flower print dress and studded high heels. She has amazing curves and shapely legs that she enjoys showing off. She looks great.


carla gugino carla gugino


Carla Gugino Sexy Curves in a Strapless Little Black Dress

Carla Gugino looks amazing, natch, in a sexy little black number and pumps as she poses on the red carpet in support of House of Cards . The woman has great curves that she shows off in the strapless low cut dress. Her toned gams are teased at the bottom of the dress in pretty high heels. I am always interested in seeing this woman appear on the red carpet. She is gorgeous and stylish and never disappoints.

Carla Gugino Carla Gugino

Carla Gugino Has Great Legs Wearing a Tight Silk Dress and High Heels

Thought I’d bring an oldy but goody forward. Here is Carla Gugino attending some Louis XIII Black Pearls book party a couple of years ago. She is a favorite. Always decorating that scorching hot body in something sexy. I’m glad the photographers were able to get a shot of her without her jacket on. Her dress is incredible and shows off her very nice cleavage. Her high heels are pretty cool looking too. Straps and zippers on a stiletto heel. Very cool.



Carla Gugino in Cleavage Enhancing Purple Dress and High Heels

Carla Gugino continues to be a favorite. She hardly ever disappoints. She tends to be stylish in sophisticated yet sexy dresses typically showing off her perfect cleavage. And of course she has pretty legs. Always mounting herself in nice high heels. She is seen here in a low cut dress and t-strap high heel sandals attending the premiere of Inglourious Basterds. Once again this is some good work by Gugino.

inglourious basterds premiere arrivals 3 110809

carla gugino

Carla Gugino Has Sexy Legs in High Heels

Carla Gugino looks fantastic promoting, as usual,  her latest movie. You can always count of Gugino to wear something that shows off her curvy body well. And she has gorgeous legs which are always accentuated with a nice pair of sexy high heels. Her high heel sandals are gorgeous. And her dress really does wonders for her perfect cleavage. She is a favorite celebrity. She never disappoints.