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Fergie Great Legs in Leather Shorts and Stilettos

Fergie looked spiffy showing off her shapely legs in a leather short shorts with matching jacket outfit. She has great legs that she seems to enjoy showing off. She popped a few luscious poses as she worked the camera in celebration of her line of footwear. She still looks great. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings to see more of her.

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Stacy Ferguson Shows Off Her Shapely Legs With a High Heels Salute

Stacy Ferguson, aka Fergie, looks nice in a weird looking short dress and standard pumps. She gives a nice high heel salute to the photographers as she works the event carpet showing off her shapely gams. She is wearing the oddest dress I’ve seen in a while. She has a printed palm tree for cleavage and down below she has yet another view of the island. Weird. But she can be a fashion flake at times and it is summer so the dress is a nice change from the typical attire you might otherwise see. Plus she is Fergie with the great legs. She can wear pretty much anything and keep the audience interested.

Fergie Has Beautiful Legs in a Little Black Dress and Sky High Heels

Fergie always looks good. She love the clothes tight and the heels high. And of course this accentuates her gorgeous legs. Her legs are toned and tight and she always wears attire that shows them off nicely. I do wonder what the hell she is doing to her face. She needs to lay off the botox and whatever else she is doing. Whatever. Her body and sexy legs look great. This is some good work.

fergie sexy legs in high heels fergie sexy legs in high heels

Fergie Has Sexy Legs in a Pretty Dress and High Heels

More goodness form Fergie. These from her appearance at Playboy’s Super Saturday Night Party in Miami. She’s wearing a sexy little dress that does her gorgeous legs justice. She mounted herself in some sexy sparkly high heel sandals. Nice shot of the back of her sexy legs too.

fergie sexy legs in high heelsfergie sexy legs in high heels

Fergie in a Short Blue Dress Has Sexy Legs in High Heels

Fergie was perhaps the best dressed, the most sexy woman at the Grammys. While other women dressed in ridiculous costumes, or less than flattering outfits, Fergie slipped on her typical sexy mini dress and wowed us with her great legs in high heels as well as a healthy viewing of cleavage. Her legs are toned and shapely. Simply among the best of today’s celebrities. I don’t feel bad about gushing over her display as she is clearly proud of her work.

fergie sexy legs in high heelsfergie sexy legs in high heels

Fergie in a Revealing Mini Dress and High Heels

Fergie is wearing an unbelievable dress as she makes her way to the Late show. I totally dig Fergie’s body. It is fit, firm and curvy. She obviously enjoys showing it off when given the opportunity. She embraces her hotness which I find very appealing. She has probably the sexiest legs in the singing business. They are long, toned and shapely. The only girl that might compete with her is Jessica Simpson, but I believe Simpson loses out on the length. Fergie is typically mounted in towering high heels which really accentuates her gorgeous gams.

Fergie And The Black Eyed Peas At The 'Late Show With David LettFergie And The Black Eyed Peas At The 'Late Show With David Lett

Fergie Simply Has Gorgeous Legs in High Heels

Couldn’t care less about the music Fergie performs. But it is very hard to ignore her gorgeous body, including some of the sexiest legs in entertainment. Actually I do not even try to ignore her sexy legs. They are long. They are shapely. They are fit. And they are toned. Just a perfect set of stems that she seems more than willing to show off and accentuate in short dresses and high heels. Nice work.


Fergie in Funky Red Stiletto High Heels

Fergie cleans up nicely. She is a chick that is in need of makeup and fashion to get the most out of her appearance. That said, she has an incredible body. Her legs are some of the hottest on the planet. And when she wants to bring the sex appeal you can always count on her strapping on a pair of sexy high heels like these funky stilettos she is mounted on.

fergie mac 050309


Fergie in a White Dress and High Heels

I like to objectify Fergie. She has a hot body and decorates it nicely sometimes. She seems to always be strapped into high heels these days which is nothing but a good thing. Sometimes when you are finding opportunities to objectify women in high heels you really have to work at it. Take Fergie in this long white dress at the Glamour Magazine 2008 Women of the Year awards held at Carnegie Hall Nov. 10. It covers up almost everything except a rather decent amount of cleavage. But as she walks you can see her platform high heels. Pretty sexy. Sometimes it makes me wonder why they bother wearing such sexy heels when they are basically just going to cover it up. They could be wearing flip flops for all we know. Thankfully she’s not. And a quick glimpse of her high heels is all got and is all we needed.




Fergie in a Tight Dress and High Heels Is Curvy With Gorgeous Legs

Fergie has an amazing body. She is seen in these photos wearing a tight dress and high heels. The perfect attire for proper female objectification. I don’t care for her music or anything else about her. I’m not certain I really think she is a pretty girl. All I do know is that she has maximized the potential of her body. It is amazing.