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Kim Kardashian’s Style is Crap Since She Started Hanging With Kanye

Kim Kardashian takes her half dressed boobs and big ass out in Miami. As you can see her style has taken a horrible turn for the worst since hooking up with Kanye West. Apparently he likes his women to dress like a hooker. And apparently Kardashian is well suited to comply. Nothing says class like wearing a top that exposes three-quarters of your brassiere and skeezy ventilation in your skirt. But you have to appreciate her porn-ready body. She’s well on her way to dressing the part. Nice $2,000 stripper heels. They look pretty hot but I can’t imagine the pain she must feel five steps after strapping them on. That is one skinny stiletto. Since I am helping to enable the media mess that is Kim Kardashian by posting these photos I will say that the skirt and heels really accentuate her sexy legs.

kim kardashian stilettoskim kardashian stilettoskim kardashian stilettos


Kim Kardashian Has Shapely Legs and Hot Curves in a Sexy Mini Dress and High Heels

Kim Kardashian is an annoying celebrity but she also happens to be incredibly attractive. She has a killer body that seems to be well taken care of. You can tell she puts in the work looking at her gorgeous legs and the muscle tone she has developed. And she is not shy about showing off her sex symbol good looks in a wide array of tight, low cut and/or short dresses and towering high heels. She needs to take a break from the celebrity grind, let the stench of popularity air itself out and quietly re-emerge into the bright lights.


Kim Kardashian Has Great Curves and Sexy Legs in Leopard Print and High Heels

Kim Kardashian made her appearance on the Letterman show wearing a sexy leopard print dress that was typical in tightness showing off her bountiful curves. She obviously has a great body but she has gorgeous legs that are fully accentuated by her high heel obsession. She looks great and seems to continue to work out and keep her body tight and fit. I don’t care much for her besides her sex appeal. She’s annoying and ever present thanks to idiots like me, but she is quite fetching to look at.

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kim kardashian letterman leopard printkim kardashian letterman leopard print

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Kim Kardashian Has Nice Cleavage and Gorgeous Legs in a Little Black Dress and Sexy High Heels

I hate that people like me perpetuate the ridiculous popularity of Kim Kardashian but the fact is she has a great body with big boobs and great legs. She is a fashionable woman that wears stylish outfit that are revealing and tight which show off her curvy body. You will almost always find her wearing sexy high heels which accentuate her gorgeous legs. The woman is a knockout. I just wish she wasn’t as annoying and ever present in the media like she is, says the hypocrite preparing this post.  She attends the Noon by Noor launch party at Sunset Tower in Hollywood wearing a little black dress that displays her huge cleavage and gorgeous legs nicely. The high heels are also stellar.

Kim Kardashian attends the Noon by Noor launch party at Sunset Tower kim kardashian sexy legs in little black dress and high heels

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Curves in a Tight Dress and High Heels

Kim Kardashian takes her curves down to Australia. She is wearing a tight, short and low cut dress that displays plenty of her legs and cleavage. She has on a pair of funky and sky high heels. Yep, she’s hot. She’s a sexual icon at this point. But she is an unproductive nobody who is making the most of her good looks and simply enjoys being a sex symbol. It’s getting boring.

Kim Kardashian in a tight dress and high heelsKim Kardashian in a tight dress and high heels

Kim Kardashian Has Sexy Legs Wearing a Short Skirt and High Heels

Kim Kardashian looks fantastic in her short skirt and platform high heels. She has a great body and clearly is not afraid to show it off. She tends to be a stylish dresser. Obviously loves the attention that her good looks brings. Maybe it’s just me but she seems like she is just this side of looking kind of slutty. Not that it’s a bad thing from a visual standpoint, but at some point you have to wonder when less will be more for this woman. Overexposure comes to mind with this one. But she has gorgeous legs and she is hard to take your eyes off her. I guess her plan is working.

kim kardashiankim kardashian

Kim Kardashian in Gladiator High Heel Sandals

Kim Kardashian was photographed tooling around L.A. wearing a short skirt and gladiator style high heels. Her legs continue to look fantastic. It is very obvious she cares and keeps them toned and fit. Now they look tan. She has strapped herself into those high heels which I like a lot. This is some good work.

kim_kardashian_in a skirt and heels1kim_kardashian_in a skirt and heels

Kim Kardashian in Tights and Towering High Heels

I’m guessing that Kim Kardashian has just returned from a dance recital or gym workout or something. She looks ridiculous in her Flashdance-type outfit. She’s shoved her big ass inside some funky tight and is looking like some 80’s dancer. But what got me interested were her towering high heels she wore with the outfit. Sexy high heels can make any outfit tolerable.


Kim Kardashian is Shopping in Tight Jeans and Towering High Heels

I dig a chick that accepts looking sexy pretty much all the time. Kim Kardashian goes out in West Hollywood shopping with a friend and gets herself all dolled up. Most times I roll over to the mall or someplace local to where chicks might be shopping and they are wearing flats, boring jeans and nonflattering top. Not celebrities. Especially these reality show whizzes. They always look the part. Kardashian goes shopping in impossibly high stilettos and fashionably torn and tight jeans. It’s awesome stuff.


Kim Kardashian in Black Suede High Heels and a Short Dress

Kim Kardashian never fails me. She is always wearing something tight and short and wearing towering high heels. This time she just happens to be wearing black suede which I dig a lot. Can’t say I care all that much about the dress but it does what it is supposed to do which is to show off Kim’s curves and give us a little bit of a view of her sexy legs. I think Kim succeeded in her attire. As usual this is some good stuff.

kim kardashian

kim kardashian