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Jordana Brewster in High Heels

I really don’t know who Jordana Brewster is. It doesn’t really matter either. All I know is she appears to be a pretty girl wearing a nice dress and very cool high heel sandals. Hard to tell if her legs are just slim or if they are nicely toned. From the little bit of her gams that you can see it appears that they have a bit of muscle tone which I much prefer. The high heels are very nice looking. I like how she turns to allow a nice view of the little bit of the back of her legs we can see.


Jordana Brewster in High Heels

This is Jordana Brewster at the CNN All-Star Tribute. I’m not familiar with this one. Though I guess I should be. She’s kinda cute and sexy. The thing is she looks like she is wearing her grandma’s dress. I really like the high heels though. It makes her old timey outfit sexy. But then again high heels always does that. She seems like she has some pretty sexy legs, what we can see of them. There is a ton of potential here.

jordana brewsterjordana brewster