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Gillian Anderson in High Heels

Last months Maxim featured a cover of Elisha Cuthbert. You know, the blonde that all the fan boys think is so hot. She of “24” fame. Her photoshoot in that Maxim was very lame. And as an aside she made the Top 10 in the Maxim Hot 100 List for 2008. Whoohoo. She wouldn’t have made my top 10 but who asked.

Anyway, also in last months issue was a photoset of Gillian Anderson. She of “X-files” Fame. And oh did she look hot. Why she wasn’t on the cover is beyond me. Well actually Gillian is around 40. Elisha is around 25. The magazine is for boys. Not men. I can understand that they figure to sell more mags with Elisha on the cover than Gillian. I dig Gillian. I don’t dig Elisha.

Here is one of my favorite photos from the issue. What stands out for me is 1) her sexy high heels and 2) everything else.

Gillian Anderson