Elisabeth Hasselbeck in High Heels

Ever watch The View? You know, that stupid yapfest in the mornings? No, I don’t cop to watching it either. I would never admit to it. But if your girl ever made you watch it, don’t sweat it. Just keep your gaze over to the right and enjoy “the view” of Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s body. Her legs in particular. Always strapped into some sexy high heels. Amazing stuff going on there. And you’ll be forgiven if you start recording the show each day. You’ll find yourself turning the volume down, doing some work around the house and gazing up every once in a while to check out “The View”. And sometimes you get lucky and a great visual treat like Jessica Simpson will be a guest like these screen captures show. I tip my hat to the producers for keeping tables and chairs and other shit out the way of guests and hosts. Better to see “The View”.

7 thoughts on “Elisabeth Hasselbeck in High Heels

  1. dale

    elisabeth does have awesome legs I never knew it . why are all the pics of her sitting down though lets wee her standing up

  2. dale benninger

    elisabeth’s legs only look sexy when hse has them crossed. Dont get me wrong when they are crossed they are awesome


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