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Sophie Monk in Skinny Black Jeans and Strappy High Heels

Sophie Monk is looking fairly tasty tooling around town in her skinny jeans and wild strappy high heels. I kind of dig this chick even though I know nothing about her and I figure she is mostly useless except for her incredible body. She has really nice legs and fantastic boobs. But mostly I like her because everytime I see her she is strapped into some high heels.


Sophie Monk in High Heels and a Short Dress

This is Sophie Monk. All I know about this chick is what I can discern from these photos. She’s blonde and pretty. She has nice legs. She has on a very short black dress. And she’s wearing high heels. A quick check in the wiki tells me she is singer from Australia. And a wannabe actress. Whatevah. What I do know is I get to objectify this blonde babe in two very distinct poses. From the side which shows off the height of the heels nicely and from the rear which allows for an amazing view of her…rear. And of course the back of some very shapely legs.