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Amber Heard Long Legs in Thigh High Stiletto Boots at Cannes

Amber Heard looked amazing appearing at another Cannes event. She overcame her whacky one shoulder dress that was blessedly slit way up on her thigh with stunning thigh high stiletto boots to match. I’m not a big fan of her recent hairstyles. She enjoys the slick back hair-do look. She’s a beautiful actress though I’d prefer to see her tresses less sticky. Enough about her hair as her long legs were the show. Encased in incredible thigh high stiletto boots, they looked amazing.

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Amber Heard Hot Legs in a Little Black Number

Amber Heard showed up on the red carpet in a slick back hair style showing off her sexy legs and curves in a little black number. Her dress was tight on the waist with a lovely see through action at the bottom to reveal her sexy legs. Christian Louboutin mesh pumps completed the ensemble. She looked great though I am not a fan of the slick back hair look. Long wavy tresses would do more to my liking. But she looks great anyway.

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Amber Heard in Gold Platform Ankle Strap High Heels

I was perusing through the celebrity photos and this one of Amber Heard caught my eye. Those shoes are rather eye-catching, don’t you think? Every bit above 6 inches, she must be towering in them. This massive platform gold ankle strap high heels looks quite fetching. Funny though, you would never know it if she wasn’t sitting as the jumpsuit (?) she is wearing is quite long. I guess she was most interested in the height the shoes would provide. Anyway, she looks great and I don’t really need an excuse to post a photos of Amber Heard. She’s always awesome.

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Amber Heard Sexy Legs in a Black Lace Outfit and High Heels

Amber Heard looked sexy wearing a black bodysuit number with see-through lace showing off her long legs in garters, thigh high stockings and high heels. She hit the red carpet in support of “Gully”, whatever that is. Her legs and curves are pretty amazing. I’d like to see her hair down for once instead of slicked back but she presented herself with much physical appeal.

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Amber Heard Gorgeous Legs in a Little Black Dress and Christian Louboutin Stilettos

Amber Heard looked smoking hot showing off her gorgeous legs in a little black dress and erstwhile Louboutin stilettos as she promoted her latest movie effort over in Tokyo. Her toned legs were on full display as she worked the red carpet. She looked like she was thoroughly enjoying herself. I like seeing the talent dress in classy and visually appealing attire while also appearing to appreciate and have fun with the attention. You never know in this PC-addled culture whether they are offended at admiring their beauty. I think Amber enjoyed herself.

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Amber Heard Showing Off Her Sexy Legs on the Pagan Worship Red Carpet

Amber Heard attended that stupid music event weat everyone gets a chance at seeing just how silly that can be on the red carpet. However, given Amber Heard and her class and elegance she actually made most of the rest of the cultural music pagans look like dorks. Her dress looked reasonably elegant. I mean, it had to have a splash of flair somewhere just to be accepted on the red carpet. She paired the strapless number with lovely Christina Louboutin pumps that really accentuated her sexy legs. I’ve always found Amber to be quite a charming and attractive woman. She didn’t disappoint posing on the red carpet though I can never understand why a woman of grace would ever attend such nonsense.

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Amber Heard Has Great Legs in a Short White Lace Dress and High Heels

Amber Heard is a gorgeous woman with a great body and sexy legs. She’s very stylish always wearing attire like a short dress and towering high heels which accentuate her beauty and sexy appeal. I really like her in this white lace dress and sky high heels. She has amazing legs. They look incredible in the dress and those sexy high heels.She made this lovely appearance for the The Rum Diary movie.


Amber Heard Has Gorgeous Legs in a Short Dress and High Heels

Why do we not see more of Amber Heard? She needs to find herself on a TV show or in more movies. She’s beautiful. She’s fit and firm with long gorgeous legs. And she seems like she has fully embraced her hotness. She has a sexy, flirty smile gazing into the camera. Her dress and high heels do a nice job of showing off her pretty legs. This is some good work. More please.

Amber Heard in Tight Jeans and Sky High Heels

Amber Heard is a cute and sexy woman. She is seen here wearing a very choice pair of tight jeans along with some maroon stiletto high heels that I dig very much. Nice to see some color strapped onto women’s feet fro time to time instead of basic black. She has a great body and obviously has gorgeous legs that are nestled comfortably in her form fitting jeans. Skinny jeans and high heels are the best.

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Amber Heard in High Heels

I can’t decide much about Amber Heard. Seems like I read a bit about her in Maxim or some other lad mag and she came across as a tad into herself. Sure she’s pretty and all but she’s fairly ordinary I think. And in keeping with the theme of ambivelance over this chick, I can’t really decide if I care about her high heels in these photos. I like the height. And they do make her skinny legs appear more shapely, but I’m not a huge fan of strap, which these have plenty of. All in all, not bad, but not great either. Simply ordinary.

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