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Desperate Housewives Reunion of Sexy Fashion and Great Legs in High Heels

The Desperate Housewives had some sort of virtual reuniting during this Covid pandemic. Old promo photos were splashed around the interwebs of the time when the ladies were smoking hot.  Still most interested in photos of Dana Delany so that was nice to revisit as she really hasn’t been around much since the cancellation of her Body of Proof doctor show a few years ago. Eva Longoria, Nicolete Sheridan and Teri Hatcher showed off their sexy legs in high heel quite nicely in the majority of the promos. I was never a huge fan of the show but I always enjoyed checking out the ladies and their fashion. There were a few sexy episodes that have been memed and shared across the fashion and celebrity websites.

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Dana Delany Legs in Seamed Stockings and Sky High Heels

I miss Dana Delany on Body of Proof. I rather thought she looked amazing each and every episode. And for some unknown reason the production did an outstanding job of showing off her and Jeri Ryans’s fabulous style, sexy legs and gorgeous curves. I ran across these fun production photos of Dana in lovely seamed stockings beneath a silky pencil skirt and sky high heels. I also found a cool shot of her on her knees working on a patient where tight jeans and sky high stilettos. And just for kicks, how about her crossed legs in a pretty dress and red platform pumps? She’s a amazing. Too bad her newest show is some military deal where she will be working in an awful uniform.

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Dana Delany Sexy Legs in a Short Skirt and Platform High Heels

I was reminiscing about how much I like Dana Delany as an actress and seeing her on the red carpet. She has great legs in high heels. I think she has a new show coming up where she plays an Army officer. It’s most unacceptable as she will have little sex appeal in those army greens and it appears she has also cut off her hair to regulation standards. They should never canceled her last show where she played a stylish medical examiner. Between her and Jeri Ryan it was a visual treat of curve hugging fashion on gorgeous and talented actors. So anyway here is Ms Delany lighting up the red carpet in a curve hugging outfit and sexy black platform high heels that show off her shapely gams nicely. Maybe when she’s promoting her new show we will get to see her in her fashionable glory.

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Dana Delany Curves Poured into a Shiny Mini Dress

Dana Delany looked amazing a usual as she showed off her lovely curves and sexy legs in a shiny mini dress that hugged every inch of her curves. She attended some Paley Media deal where she was clearly a best dressed finalist. The dress is fabulous and the ankle strap high heels are obviously sexy footwear. She remains one of my favorite actresses. I really wish she’d find herself another weekly TV gig. The crap on offer these days needs class and talent like hers.

dana delanydana delany


Dana Delany Hot Legs in Hot Pants and Fishnet Stockings

Dana Delany showed up in London to promote her Amazon series Hand of God displaying her luscious legs wearing hot pants and fishnet stockings. I wish she had made a better choice of footwear as the flat chunky boots have little sex appeal. But she looks gorgeous as usual and it’s always nice to see her making the rounds on the red carpets.

dana delany dana delany

Dana Delany in a Black Dress and High Heels

Dana Delany looks nice in her black strapless dress and high heels. She seldom disappoints in her choice of stylish outfits. Ever since she found herself on Desperate Housewives she has made great attempts at looking both sexy and elegant. She tends to make good choices in fashion and she has a nice body to display it on. She has nice gams and has been wearing some nice high heels of late. I’m a fan.

dana delany - baftadana delany

Dana Delany Has Pretty Legs in a Strapless Dress and High Heels

Dana Delany is a favorite of mine. I think she is very pretty and sexy. She has an elegance about her that I really like. She is typically very stylish and in her 50’s looks fantastic. The wine colored strapless satin dress shows off her gorgeous figure and the t-strap high heels accentuate her lovely legs.

dana-delany dana-delaney


Desperate Housewives in High Heels on TV Guide Cover

I had a chuckle when I saw this cover on TV Guide. We get the magazine at the house. All the Desperate Housewives in basic naughty housewife and slutty high heels attire on what is supposed to be a family type magazine. I have no problems at all with the photo. And, by the way, the individual photos of the girls inside the magazine were pretty choice as well. But I’ve seen lesser revealing photos in Maxim magazine. I can just see middle America 60 year old Maude having a cow with this photo. I imagine there will be a ton of complaints. The girls all looked nicely airbrushed, though I thought Teri Hatcher, her legs specifically, were really skinny. Like PVC pipe thin. Scary stuff.

Celebrity High Heels After a Month

This blog has been functional for about a month now. I have posted celebrities in high heels that I like. I like the heels high, the legs shapely and the babes hot. It’s a simple recipe really. So I went through the logs to see who people like and the results were mildly amusing. I think I’ve posted a rather nice selection of celebrities wearing their high heels. I’ve posted Diane Sawyer in high heels. She’s in her 60’s and still looking very sexy. I posted Dana Delaney in high heels and she still looks amazing in her 50’s. I’ve posted Teri Hatcher in high heels and she’s rocking the 40’s. Charlize Theron is gorgeous in high heels and she is in her 30’s. And of course there are a ton of photos of chicks in their 20’s in high heels. So guess who the readers of this blog cared about the most so far?

1. Jessica Simpson – A lot of people want to see Jessica in her platform high heels. No wonder, as she has very shapely legs. She may get attention for her bosom but her legs are damn sexy as well. She garnered the most interest on this blog than any other celebrity by a huge margin.

Jessica Simpson

2. Lindsey Lohan – People are digging the girl in her leggings. Judging by the results of the first two, this blog is clearly read by a young crowd.

3. Anna Kournikova – Interesting. She has done nothing, yet people still want to check her out.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow – Gwyneth pretty much kicked off this blog. She was tooling around in her towering high heel platform shoes for the Ironman promotion. She was looking incredible.

5. Kate Beckinsale – People love these leggings. Kate and Lindsey in high heels and leggings proved to be very popular posts.

Surprises: I thought more people would dig Charlize. She proved not as popular as Marisa Miller, Victoria Beckham, Fergie, hell, even Heidi Montag.

Dana Delany in High Heels

One of my favorite show of the late 80’s early 90’s was China Beach. I thought Dana Delany was one of the coolest characters I’d seen in TV. She had one of the great female parts in all of TV, then and since. It was just a great show and a fantastic piece of acting. I’ve kept up with Dana through the years. I thought then as I do now, that she is a beautiful woman. Very stylish. Great body. I came across these candid photos of her in a sweet looking dress and elegant high heels. Kind of goes a little askew from the tight, short and high that has been the theme of this site so far, but I find myself objectifying her all the same. She’s a knockout.

Dana Delany