Teri Hatcher Sexy in Red Dress

Teri Hatcher is hot. How do I know this? I see her in this photo taken outside the David Letterman show. I usually tape episodes of the late night talk shows when a hot celebrity will appear. I cruised through the listings and noticed Teri Hatcher would be on David Letterman. I decided not to tape the episode because 1) I don’t like the Letterman show and 2) It was only Teri Hatcher appearing. I haven’t been a fan of her looks in the last couple of years. Maybe it was because she got too thin or something. She just wasn’t doing it for me. Boy was I wrong. She looks smoking hot in this photo. The body is incredible. I’d stack those curves up against any 20 something in Hollyweird. Hell, any 20 something anywhere. Good work Teri. You’re back on my radar. Nice shoes. Lovely dress.

Teri Hatcher

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