The unmistakable sound of the click-clack of stilettos as they echo across a wood floor. Or the solid cadence of the thump of pumps as they connect with the carpeted floor. Immediately you wonder about the gams supported in the vertiginous footwear. At least that is what comes to my mind.

Our celebrity worship comes in many flavors. Who is she wearing? Who did her hair? What is that makeup? Look at her bosom!

My inspiration for this celebrity blog comes from my admiration of a woman’s legs and how she chooses to decorate and show them off.

I much prefer shape to slim. I’m more impressed by the work that someone puts in to develop tone than some skinny slim model subsisting on a cigarette diet and genetics.

High heels just make a woman’s legs, outfit and attitude, better. Sorry, many mistake my interest as a foot fetish. I have zero interest in anything involving feet. Pumps are simply fascinating decoration that changes a woman’s walk, posture and attitude in wonderful ways.

Only in High Heels, for over a decade, has been my repository of favorite celebrities who have impressed me with their fabulous legs, elegant style, sexy high heel choices and basic class and decency.

As long as these celebrities feel the need to show off their sex appeal I will heartedly enjoy celebrating it with them though this celebrity blog.

Favorites? Difficult to say but these spring to mind if pressed:

Reese Witherspoon is certainly impressive.

Renee Zellweger has toned runners legs and is always stylish.

Amy Adams can do no wrong.

Hailee Steinfeld leads the younger set in my opinion. Always classy.

Jennifer Aniston is always a class favorite.

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