Charlize Theron Long Legs in a Pleated Skirt and Strappy High Heels for Movie Premiere Red Carpet Appearance

Charlize Theron used to be a favorite. She’s a classic beauty and all but I’m kind rather non-interested in her career anymore. She’s in a couple new movies this year where she will be hitting the red carpet promotion circuit to fulfill her contractual obligations. In this red carpet review for her ‘The Fate of the Furious’ appearance (payday!) she is rather bland but makes an improvement over previous ones where her style acumen has hit the skids. At least in this attire she shows off her long legs in a short skirt and strappy caged high heels. Not sure what is going on with all the frill and bow tie crap but she still looks (botox) splendid and is worth a post. Perhaps she’s saving up her fabulous-ness for ‘Atomic Blonde’ this summer.

charlize theron charlize theron

Charlize Theron Leggy at ‘The Huntsman’ Photocall in a Short Skirt and Funky High Heels

Charlize Theron showed off her long and sexy legs in a short navy skirt and funky gladiator style high heels as she participated in her contractually obligated appearance to promote her latest ‘Huntsman’ movie. She looks amazing as usual and it is always a nice to see her fabulous legs in the spotlight. Well done.Charlize Theron The Huntsman and The Ice Queen photocallCharlize Theron The Huntsman and The Ice Queen photocall


Charlize Theron Street Stylish in Strappy High Heels

Charlize Theron is stunning in a colorful dress, blue blazer and very sexy strappy high heels that show off her lovely gams. This is the best I’ve seen of her in a long time. Maybe it just took a while to wash the Sean Penn residue off. She doesn’t look terribly amused but at least the exterior is quite fetching. This is top drawer street style.



Charlize Theron Long Legs in a Short White Dress and High Heels for Power of Women Event

Charlize Theron took her long legs out for an evening at the Power of Women event by Variety. She wore a tasty little white dress and fashionable high heels that displayed her gorgeous long legs. I’ve had a troubling fan/celebrity relationship with this woman in that I’ve never seen a movie she has been in that I much cared for but I still admired her talent. But not as much as her incredible physical beauty and style. I enjoy seeing her parade herself on the various event carpets but really don’t much care for the projects she is pimping. Regardless Hollywood loves her which is great as the red carpet would be an uneventful place without her.

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Charlize TheronCharlize Theron

Charlize Theron Smoking Hot in a White Pencil Skirt and Strappy High Heels

Charlize Theron shows off her long gorgeous legs wearing a sleek white pencil skirt, that molds nicely to her perfect curves, and sexy high heels. She seems like she is enjoying her sex appeal as she makes the rounds promoting two big summer movies. She’ll be seen everywhere over the next few weeks for various movie premieres and appearances. It will be a delight to see what she wears to each event. She is one of the most stylish women on the planet and never seems to have a bad fashion day. I like how she is letting her hair grow longer too.

Of course, we hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave.

Black High Heels

Charlize Theron is Stunning Showing Off Her Long Legs for the Late Show

Charlize Theron made a recent appearance on the Late Show wearing a short dress which showed off her long legs in high heels. She is a gorgeous woman, very stylish, that really knows how to work her incredible beauty. Check out the sexy little hair flip for the camera. Love the strappy high heels. Really accentuates her  beautiful legs.

charlize theron charlize theron

Charlize Theron Has Great Legs in a Little Black Dress and High Heels

Charlize Theron poses her gorgeous self down the red carpet for the launch of the Rage video game. I’m guessing the gaming nerds were thrilled to get this leggy beauty to attend their party. She is wearing a little black dress and high heel booties that show off her long sexy legs. She makes being gorgeous seem so effortless. Like she just thew on her outfit, pulled her hair back and slipped out the door like it’s no big deal. She is amazing.

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Charlize Theron Launch Party for RAGE in Los AngelesCharlize Theron Launch Party for RAGE in Los AngelesCharlize Theron Launch Party for RAGE in Los Angeles