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Nina Dobrev in Her Animal Cracker Jammies and Ankle Strap High Heels

Nina Dobrev looks like she jumped out of bed and threw on her sexy ankle strap high heels to visit the set of ‘Extra’ for some chit chat. She’s a lovely looking woman, typically very stylish, but her matching set of animal cracker pajamas leaves one a little bit bewildered. I guess you can overlook this public fashion statement as she is still rather fabulous and the shoes sort of saves the day. I mean, I saw a photo of Marilyn Monroe literally in a potato sack and high heels and thought, well damn, she pulled it off. Okay, well done Nina Dobrev. Well done.

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Nina Dobrev High Side Slit Legginess in a Sexy Black Gown at WH Correspondence Dinner

Nina Dobrev delivered a sexy view of her gorgeous legs in a high side slit black gown and pink pumps as she makes her way down the White House Correspondence Dinner red carpet. The event is a self-congratulatory orgy of elite douchebags but the fashion sometimes is worthy of mention, in this case, Nina Dobrev and her stunningly sexy legs in high heels.

nina dobrevnina dobrev