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Jennifer Esposito – Hot in High Heels

This is Jennifer Esposito. I’m not certain what to think of her. She has a great body. But she seems like she is fighting the masculinity. Like it is a struggle to be the girly-girl. Remember that character she played in Rescue Me? She was a badass fireman who was all butch and shit but totally into guys? That is exactly how I picture her in real life. I don’t know this woman. She could be the biggest sissy girly-girl on the planet but she doesn’t give off that vibe. Is that a bad thing? Not really. Cool tomboyish chicks that embrace their girly side is really the best of both worlds for a dude. I’d like for my girl to be active and athletic by day and pretty and feminine by night. Anyway, I’m digging her sexy professional outfit with the stiletto heels here. Good work.

Jennifer Espisito