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Jessica Simpson Brings the Sex Appeal in Curve Hugging Attire to NY

Jessica Simpson made some fine street style appearances as she arrived in NY to celebrate her clothing empire. The woman showed off her luscious curves and toned legs in tight fitting mini dresses and cleavage baring tops. Her legs are toned and simply look amazing.



Jessica Simpson Crosses Her Sexy Legs in a Short Dress and High Heels

I continue to find Jessica Simpson one of the sexier women around. Last year or so she was prepping for a commercial for her hair extensions while wearing a short and low cut dress that displayed plenty of her gorgeous cleavage as well as her sexy legs. When this woman makes time for the gym and works on her legs she can display possibly some of the best legs of any celebrity. She looks great in these photos as she crosses her gorgeous legs in high heels.

Jessica Simpsonjessica simpson crosses her sexy legs in high heels

Jessica Simpson is Curvy in a Long Dress and High Heels

Some bloggers aren’t digging Jessica Simpson in her long dress as she makes her way out of the Late Show. I kind of dig it. She looks pretty. The dress is tight on her curves. And she is wearing high heels. The shot from behind looks good. And you get a nice peek of her sexy legs. Looks fine to me.

jessica simpson long dress and high heelsjessica simpson long dress and high heels

Jessica Simpson in Platform High Heels

Jessica Simpson in high heels is always a treat to my eyes. The girl has some seriously nice legs. They aren’t skinny. They are toned and have shape from the top of her thighs to the back of her calves. So I came across this photo of Jessica performing for a morning show. She’s belting out one of her crappy songs and showing off a ton of leg. I like her platform high heels. Anyway, I dig Jessica Simpson. She’s pretty and has the best legs in the music biz I think. You know this is a girl who maximizes what she has. Her legs aren’t the longest around, but they damn sure rank among the shapeliest.

Jessica Simpson