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Emily Blunt Red Carpet Leather Dress and High Heels

Emily Blunt joined her husband on the red carpet promoting the second part of that dystopia film they’ve made. She looked fabulous in a red leather dress and high heels. The curve hugging full length dress plunged in the front revealing her lovely cleavage. Sexy high heels finished off the outfit. Her hair was pulled tight into a gun showing off her makeup perfection.

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The Golden Globes Horrible Dressed Red Carpet Gala. And Then There is Stunning Halle Berry.

The Golden Globes disappointed in spectacular style for red carpet fashion. Halle Berry’s breasts and Amy Adams class notwithstanding it was a visual disappointment. Pretty much across the carpet. Alison Brie’s cleavage looked nice but her hair was distracting and pretty horrible. Nicole Kidman poured herself into dark red sequins and looked rather nice. Emily Blunt was proper in a silver cutout dress that hugged her lovely figure. Saoirse Ronan did a fine job of showing off her bosom in a plunging silver sequined dress. I will also say that since most celebrity’s shoes were covered I did enjoy seeing Saoirse’s fine footwear through the sheer material. Irina Shayk looked flawless but being a sexy swimsuit supermodel is just not fair and she wasn’t among the talent awarding themselves for their greatness.

That’s just about it that interested me in a good way.

Jessica Chastain was a major disappointment. She never disappoints until now.
Julianne Moore was reliably pretty and whackily dressed.
Lady Gaga had 20 feet of fabric trailing behind. That is annoying.
Glum Rosamund Pike continues to disappoint.
Anne Hathaway used to be a favorite. Now I just remember the good ol’ days.
Keri Russell has great legs and not so great chest. Which do you suppose she showed off?
Jodi Comer, c’mon now. Brightest new star dressed like she is a boring mature old lady.
Rachel Wesiz, one of the most beautiful women in the world, continues her subpar fashion display.
Charlize Theron was reliably gorgeous and dressed and looked bored.
Judy Greer, never on my list, will never be on my list dressing like a dude.
Julia Roberts wore a mullet dress, with pants. WTH?
Isla Fisher pretty yet dressed like she going to the prom.
Kate Mara showed off her boobs in a horrible matronly dress.
Emma Stone was pretty and respected her modesty.
Heidi Klum looked like she let her kids decorate her dress.
Lucy Liu disappointed. I mean, the cape. Neon embellishments?

Shit was so bad that Rachel Brosnahan in her utterly boring bright yellow dress was announced as one of the best dressed.

Here is a list of worst dressed from Daily Mail that listed a few from my list above and others I really have no idea who they are and will likely never care to.

I’ll leave you with photos of Halle Berry and her gorgeous boobs and lovely booty. Just a fabulous looking woman. Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Saoirse Ronan and Alison Brie’s bosom deserve further recognition as well. Enjoy.

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Emily Blunt Sexy Curves in Figure Hugging Two Piece Dress

Emily Blunt has a nice bottom. She showed off this particular physical asset on the red carpet of some Hollywood event. Her booty was on prominent display in a two piece gold sequined dress. Her flat belly also made an appearance. Lacking was a glimpse of her sexy legs but that can be overlooked by the impressive figure showing she otherwise made for the cameras.

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Emily Blunt Stunning in a Colorful Striped Crop Top With Matching Pencil Skirt and Pink High Heels

Unfortunately Emily Blunt made a few disparaging comments about becoming an American citizen this past week that she had to back away from. I doubt she really meant that she held America in such contempt as her attempt at political jokery was fairly bad. I certainly do not agree with her apparent political leanings but regardless, I recognize amazing talent and style when I see it. She’s been making the promo rounds for Sicario and found herself in a tasty little matching crop top and pencil skirt number with sexy pink high heels. She looked a amazing and I find her physical appearance to be rather delightful.

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