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Anne Hathaway Glamorous Return to Media Appearances in a Lovely Floral Dress and Red Pumps

Anne Hathaway has been absent it seems form parading her fabulous style up and down the red carpet for the better part the last year or so. Having a child obviously hinders promotion efforts as one would unlikely be creating content for anyone to view on the big screen. Regardless, it is nice to see Anne back in from of the paparazzi scrum looking as delightful as ever. She is making her way around the various media outlets making good on her contractual obligations for whatever project she has recently completed. She looks glam in a lovely knee length dress and red pumps. Later in the day she showed up on one of the late night yap fests in a disappointing maxi length dress that did nothing for her long gorgeous legs. She’s up for a few more appearances this week so here’s hoping for better results.

Anne Hathaway sexy legs in high heels video.

Anne Hathaway Anne Hathaway



Anne Hathaway Curves in a Figure Hugging Dress for ‘Alice’ Movie Premiere

Anne Hathaway looked sexy in a curve hugging off the shoulder dress and sexy ankle strap high heels as she made her way down the red carpet for Alice Through the Looking Glass movie premiere. Her curves and legs were frankly amazing.

anne hathawayanne hathaway

Anne Hathaway Sexy Legs Revving Up the Red Carpet for The Intern Movie Premiere

Anne Hathaway brought the sex appeal to her red carpet movie premiere appearance for The Intern. Honestly she has kept her fabulous goodness under wraps a while it seemed particularly after she went and chopped off her hair for a couple seasons. That was yuck. Not so today as she looks amazing. The hair and makeup are fantastic and she delivers a stunning legs show in an asymmetrical dress with strappy high heel sandals. Man she has great legs. Good to see her on the red carpet with her lovely style and beauty.

anne hathaway anne hathaway


Anne Hathaway Has Long Legs and I Love Her Sexy High Heels

More goodness from the leggy Anne Hathaway. She has some of the most amazing long legs in entertainment. And she always does a great job of displaying them in short dresses or skirts. She wears a fashionable dress and gorgeous high heels (Look! They aren’t solid colors!) to the Giorgio Armani Prive fashion  show in Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture. Stunning.


Anne Hathaway Displays Her Long Legs in a Short Black Dress and High Heels

Can never go wrong seeing Anne Hathaway in a short dress showing off her gorgeous legs and sexy high heels that accentuate her lovely gams. She has great legs and does an excellent job of showing them off. I thnk she is one of the most stylish and fashionable women. Pairing her little black dress with those snakeskin pumps really, really works. Most women would probably go with a simple solid color pump. Hathaway makes this work.

Anne Hathaway Has Great Legs in High Heels

Anne Hathaway has great legs in high heels. Anne continues her lovely roll in the media spotlight. Seems that for the last month or so she has been everywhere and photographed being there. Which is fine with me as long as she continues strapping up in her finest high heels. She has an Oscar bait movie which may land her a nomination and another popular chick flick with Kate Hudson that she is doing promotions for. She’s getting around and like in these photos for her photcall for Bride Wars she typcially gets herself mounted on highheels and wears a nice leg baring skirt or dress.

anne-hathaway11anne hathaway

Anne Hathaway is Leggy at the 2009 Critics Choice Awards

I like Anne Hathaway more each time I see her. Can’t say I care much for her dress choice at the 2009 VH1 Critics Choice Awards, but she still looked beautiful. At least the dress (could she not decide to wear white or black and went with both?) gave a nice view of her long sexy legs. And she wore stylish high heels. So really I was satisfied with the objectification opportunity. I’ll leave it to the style folks to decide if her dress was all that great. I did notice that the heel height was lower than in 2007-8 red carpet events. Most of the heel were around 4 inches or so and not the towering high heels of previous events.

anne hathaway
anne hathaway