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Audrina Patridge Has Sexy Legs in High Heel Boots and Skinny Jeans

Sexy celeb photos are few and far between during Christmas and New Year’s Day. There have been a few popular women out running errands like Audrina Patridge, seen here wearing high heel boots and skinny jeans. Yea, it’s another Audrina post, but the woman is cute and sexy and she does a nice job of decorating her fit and tight body. You can count on her showing off her gorgeous legs in high heels and tight jeans if not short skirts and sexy dresses

audrina patridgeaudrina patridge

Audrina Patridge Has Sexy Legs in Skinny Jeans and High Heels

Audrina Patridge is seen running errands wearing a pair of tasty black skinny jeans and high heels. There is something very appealing about a chick wearing slim jeans that molds nicely to their gorgeous legs. And the style looks best when they mount themselves in sexy high heels. I like how this woman looks. Nice job.

Audrina Patridge Has Sexy Legs in a Short Silver Dress and High Heels

Audrina Patridge looks sexy in a short silver dress and high heels that do a fantastic job of accentuating her gorgeous legs. She has very shapely and hot legs that she enjoys showing off. You can tell she puts in a lot of workout effort as her legs are toned and has a ton of muscle definition. From casual outings to formal events this woman tends to decorate herself in eye pleasing attire. I don’t know a thing about her ability to entertain but she definitely has a hot body that is worth a glance. She is looking hot as she appears at a U.S. Weekly function.

Audrina Patridge in Tight Jeans and High Heels

I’m kind of digging Audrina Patridge. I won’t and don’t watch her travesty of TV entertainment but I do like to see what she is wearing when she is out and about doing her thing. She does a good job of decorating herself. Whether she is posing on some event carpet or dolling herself up to go outside to be snapped by the paparazzi, she definitely embraces her hotness and gives us something nice to check out. She has a great body that looks fantastic in her tight jeans. And she is always mounted in sexy high heels. Can’t go wrong with tight jeans and high heels.

Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge