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Kristen Bell Still Has Great Celebrity Legs in High Heels

Kristen Bell promoted her crappy movie ‘”Burlesque” appearing on the red carpet in London a couple of months ago showing off her gorgeous legs in a short dress and stunning high heels. She has perfect toned and fit legs. She is a stylish and fashionable woman who almost always gets her attire right particularly to accentuate her hot legs. I love her purple satin high heel pumps she is wearing too. This is a great job.

kristen bell hot legs in high heels on red carpetkristen bell hot legs in high heels on red carpet

Kristen Bell in Blue Satin High Heels

More Kristen Bell. When they give you what you want then you have a responsibility to take advantage of it. She is appearing at the premiere of Race to Witch Mountain wearing a modest little dress but obviously what got my attention were the blue satin high heel pumps. And of course the dress is cut just above her knee thankfully giving us a nice view of her shapely gams. As always she does a great job.


Kristen Bell Has Pretty Legs in Slingback High Heels

Kristen Bell is one of my favorite celebrities in high heels. Why? Aside from the obvious that she is cute and sexy and has a very fit and luscious body, she always gives me opportunities to objectify her best assets. See how she poses in all of her carpet walks? More than any other celebrity with great legs she always allows the camera to capture images of the the back of her shapely gams in high heels. Too may times a celebrity in high heels will pose in that annoying standing leg cross and the only photos able to be gotten are the forward shot. The side and rear shots are the best and Kristen always allows for that opportunity. That is why she is a favorite.

kristen bellkristen bell

Kristen Bell in Strappy High Heels

Kristen Bell is quickly rising in the ranking of my favorite celebrities in high heels. She has gorgeous legs. You can tell she is active and fit. Her legs are shapely and sexy. And when she hits the celebrity carpet she is always strapped into some sexy high heels which make her legs even more amazing. She definitely has some of the best celebrity high heels ranking up there with Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Rene Zellweger. Know what all these babes have in common? They exercise a lot to keep their legs worthy of objectification.


Kristen Bell in Sexy High Heels

Kristen Bell looks incredible in her little black, backless dress. She is posing on the carpet at the Spike TV Scream awards. It gives plenty of opportunity to objectify her sexy legs. She is tied into some very sexy heels. I really don’t know if I’ve ever seen this girl look this incredible. Kristen really knows how to show off what works with her body. And her hot legs are definitely what works. Excellent work here.

Kristen Bell in High Heels and Short Skirt

Kristen Bell certainly looked better than most of the twits that were in attendance at the Teen Choice Awards. I’m happy to report that the chick pulled out her short skirt and sexy high heels to wear instead of the popular full length baggy dress that did nothing for many of those young bodies on the red carpet. Kristen clearly knows enough to show off her gorgeous legs and nice bottom when the photos are snapping. Nice work Kristen. You looked great.

Kristen Bell in High Heels

Kristen Bell is cute and sexy. I used to really dig her as Veronica Mars. Surprising that a show as shitty as the Hills or Gossip Girl can remain on the air, yet a show like VM gets canceled targeting roughly the same demographics. Youngsters just can’t commit to quality these days. They prefer their crap in quick and small doses. And so it goes. But the nice thing that came out of VM was Kristen Bell. She’s parlayed her time away from the small screen into opportunity on the big screen. And hence I am able to continue to objectify her slim curves while she wears sexy dresses and high heels. Well done Kristen.

Kristen Bell