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Alison Brie Stylish in a Tight Dress and Sexy High Heels

Alison Brie looks fantastic in a white and floral dress that stylishly hugs her every curve. Unfortunately the top rather mutes her fabulous bosom, the peplum flair covers her curvy bum and the length covers her shapely legs. I guess the only thing this outfit has going for it are the strappy shoes which accentuates a barely visible gam. At any rate I find Alison to be quite attractive particularly when she doesn’t opine politically like every other Hollywood celeb. But given the nature of culture she does tend to activate around various societal issues that I find garbage. The less she opines the more attractive and fabulous I find her, and come to think of it, any other starlet vying for attention.

Alison Brie is sexy

alison brie alison brie


Alison Brie Sexy Legs and Cleavage in a Thigh High Slit Plunging Dress

Alison Brie looks fantastic as she attends some ESPY award show wearing a lovely plunging dress with a thigh high slit that shows off her fabulous legs. She has been making her way around to various appearances getting as much mileage as she can for her GLOW TV show on Netflix. I don’t know how many of my visitors have watched that show but it is utter garbage despite the mainstream reviewers giving it positive marks. However, if it keeps Alison showing off her sexy legs and fabulous cleavage on the red carpets then by all means keep the hype coming.

alison brie alison brie alison brie


Alison Brie Leggy in Sexy Stiletto Pumps for a ‘Glow’ Press Event

Alison Brie is a star in the TV show ‘Glow’. She looked amazing at a press event where she showed off her lovely style in leg baring attire including fabulous stiletto pumps. I can’t say the TV show did much for me, the few episodes I watched, solely for her btw, but it is nice the thing is popular enough to keep her stepping out in front of the cameras for her contractual obligations.

alison brie alison brie

Diane Kruger Leggy in a Sexy Little Silver Number

Diane Kruger paraded her sexy legs across the Vanity Fair Oscar party event carpet. Frankly I had no interest in the self congratulatory orgy Hollywood gives itself and with few exceptions (Amy Adams!) I found little to be interested in. I came across Diane Kruger photos of her showing off her sexy legs in a little silver number and lovely ankle strap high heels and was rather amused. Seems some in the fashion critique circle liked the dress while others did not. Add me to the like category as she about the only one who delivered a fair amount of sex appeal, with class, at the party.

Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger


Connie Britton Leggy Late Night Talk Show Appearance in Sky High Heels

Connie Britton is making the media rounds following her fan demoralizing exit from ‘Nashville’. I suppose jumping from ABC to CMT was just not to her liking. Regardless, I still find her visually appealing and took notice as she made her way to yap with one of the late night hosts of boredom. The woman has stunning long legs and made them even more delightful mounting herself in sky high heels.

Connie brittonConnie brittonConnie brittonConnie Britton



Alison Brie Sexy Legs in a Thigh High Baring Lace Up Dress and Peep Toe Pumps

Alison Brie took to the ‘How to Be Single’ red carpet in sexy style in a thigh high leg baring side lace up dress and peep to Louboutin high heels. She’s a really pretty woman but I can’t recall her sexing up the joint like this. That dress is a stunning revelation. Very risque with little to the imagination running up the side. She has great legs which are on full display through the slit not to mention her lovely cleavage which is also in stylish view.


alison briealison brie



Alison Brie Rocking Leather Trousers and Sexy Sky High Heels

Alison Brie is a favorite these days. She is a gorgeous and talented woman with a great style that shows off her wonderful sex appeal. She made an appearance at some AOL event in curve hugging leather pants and towering stilettos. She’s a treat and look amazing.

Alison Brie Alison Brie