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Nelly Furtado Wearing Sky High Heels at the Olympic Opening Ceremony

Nelly Furtado’s performed in incredible sky high heels the Olympic opening ceremony. Her gorgeous legs looked fantastic in a tight blue dress. But what really accentuated her looks were her towering, ankle strap high heels. Honestly it’s hard to imagine how she was able to maneuver in them but she made it look easy. It was a great performance in sexy high heels.

Nelly Fertado has sexy legs in sky high heelsNelly Fertado has sexy legs in sky high heels

Nelly Furtado in High Heels and Tight Jeans

Nelly Furtado is kind of cool. She looks pretty good most of the time. Most always very stylish. Her body is obviously quite nice. I’ve become a big fan of tight jeans and high heels. Normally I like seeing some bare legs but when it’s presented right, tight jeans and a peek of sexy high heels is pretty nice as well. Nelly presents it right.