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Mila Kunis in Black Slacks and Sky High Stilettos

Mila Kunis looked lovely in a black slacks and fabulous black stilettos. She showed up on the red carpet keeping it classy and stylish. She sort of proves the point that anything can be made better by applying a pair of fashionable heels to the outfit. Imagine the outfit with a pair of low heel loafers. Comfy no doubt but not very interesting or memorable. She looks great nonetheless. Well done.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Mila Kunis Has Great Legs in a Strapless Blue Dress and High Heels

Mila Kunis has been getting a lot of play lately from the glamour and celebrity sites. For one she is starring in a movie where she gives oral sex to Natalie Portman. That will definitely get you noticed. But really her raised status is more about her beauty and her fashionable style. She has a nice slim body with sexy legs. She is always mounted in towering high heels when she makes the requisite appearances for her movies which accentuate her pretty legs. She looks amazing in her strapless blue dress and high heels.

mila kunis blue strapless dress and high heelsmila kunis blue strapless dress and high heels

Mila Kunis is Stunning With Hot Legs in a Little Black Dress and High Heels

Mila Kunis looks gorgeous in her little black dress and high heels as she makes her way down the red carpet at some Hollywood Awards event. She has sexy legs and they are nicely displayed in her short dress and towering high heels. They are shapely. I think she is still a smoker so I have to assume she comes by hot legs thanks to lucky genes. I’m assuming she doesn’t exercise much. Smokers usually don’t care about fitness. Irregardless, she is gorgeous.

Mila-Kunis hollywood awards LBD and heelsMila-Kunis hollywood awards LBD and heels

Mila Kunis in High Heels

Mila Kunis is a cute and sexy chick. I really don’t know who she is or what she has done. All I know is when I see a photo with a hot chick in a short dress wearing some high heels, I pay attention. I get interested. Granted the dress looks a bit matronly. But the girl has a beautiful face. She’s got nice features. Her hair is sexy and her makeup is fine. So it comes down to legs and high heels for me and I say it’s working. Nice job Mila.