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Eva Mendes is Lovely in a Blue Dress and High Heels

These photos were posted a year and a half ago and were largely ignored. I thought I would push them forward for another viewing as I find Eva Mendes to be incredibly sexy and pretty. She looks elegant and sophisticated in her modest blue dress and nude high heels. I think she has great legs which she does a great job of accentuating in sexy high heels. Have another look.

eva mendeseva_mendes

Eva Mendes Has Great Legs in a Flirty Black Dress and Towering High Heels

These photos of Eva Mendes are some of my favorites of great celebrity legs in high heels. I find her one of the most stylish and sexy celebrities working today. Her legs and the high heels she is strapped into are incredible. The heels are incredibly high and her dress shows off plenty of her sexy legs, which are incredibly fit and shapely.

Eva Mendes in a Summer Dress and High Heels

Eva Mendes rocks. She is gorgeous and has a perfect natural body. Nothing fake about this one. She is posing in these photos in a pretty summer dress and fantastic platform slingback high heels promoting something of hers at Macy’s. Dunno or care what. All I know is she is very pretty doing so. She appears to be genetically gifted with her slim legs as there doesn’t appear to be much muscle tone. It works for some women, but I prefer fit and toned legs. But with Mendes’ style it really doesn’t matter.


Eva Mendes in a Tight Dress and High Heels

Eva Mendes is smoking hot in her tight little dress and high heels. She is fast becoming one of my favorite celebrity females. She is gorgeous and seems really cool. I think she keeps herself in shape and does a nice job of keeping her body fit. She has gorgeous and shapely legs and she does an outstanding job of decorating that perfect body. She attended the recent Cartier 100 year event looking curvy and beautiful.


Eva Mendes in High Heels

Eva Mendes is a beautiful woman. And she usually looks incredible in just about everything she pulls over her body. I just don’t know what to say about this dress though. It looks like it is literally held together with staples. And it does a poor job of decorating her breasts. The saving grace is the high heels. They are very sexy. At least she got that right.