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Julie Benz Gorgeous Posing for Regard Magazine in Stylish Attire and Great High Heels

Julie Benz looks amazing in these photos from Regard magazine. The red dress hugs her lovely curves nicely while her skinny yellow jeans looks amazing on her crossed legs. She sports some really sexy high heels that further accentuate her curves and legs. Love the low cut top she wears but sadly the camera angle is not in our favor. She’s a beauty. Glad ot see her getting some well deserved attention.

julie benz julie benz


Julie Benz Has Great Legs in High Heel Boots

Not sure what Julie Benz is wearing but at least she covers her feet with some very sexy high heel suede boots. She is a sexy woman that typically does a nice job dressing her tight and right body but this time she didn’t do a great job. However, she did slide into some very sexy high heel boots that helps distract from the rather ugly dress as she appeared for the Boondock Saints II All Saints Day premiere in Hollywood.