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Isla Fisher Sexy Legs in a Mini Dress and Pumps

Isla Fisher looks hot as usual wearing a lovely little purple mini dress and stilettos showing off her fabulous legs. She’s been a favorite for quite a while now. I always looks forward to seeing her on the rd carpet . She is here promoting some new movie premiere or something. I’m just glad she made an appearances and decided to show off her hot legs in high heels.

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Isla Fisher Eye Popping Curves in a Metallic Mini Dress

Isla Fisher showed up for the Hollywood elite BAFTA tea party event in a lovely metallic dress that showed off her sexy legs in high heels….who am I kidding? Her bosom was on prominent display as she worked her way down the red carpet. Quite an impressive showing by one of the cutest actresses and celebrities inhabiting the sewage of Hollywood. She has a lovely figure and typically does a nice job of decorating it in leg and curve revealing style with sexy high heels. Well done.

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Isla Fisher Shows Off Her Sexy Legs in a Short Dress

Isla Fisher appeared at some red carpet event in support of a movie thing or something. Whatever the reason she did a nice job of showing off her legs in a rather dubious looking dress that was the right length for her lovely appendages. She has always been a favorite and tends to d o a decent job of wearing attire that reveal her physical attributes. Can’t say her fashion choices are always a home run but she is still one of the most beautiful women plying their trade in Hollywood.

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Isla Fisher Cute and Sexy on Her Way to Promote Latest Movie

Isla Fisher looks incredible in a short paisley print number and chunky ankle strap high heels. The outfit she wore to her appearance on one of the late shows is actually better than the long unappealing dress she changed into to. She has great legs which are nicely decorated in stylish black chunky heels. She’s a favorite. I always look forward to seeing her make these type of appearances or on the red carpet. Always stylish she’s just a lot of fun to see.

isla-fisher isla-fisher



Isla Fisher Gorgeous Legs in High Heels for VVV Magazine

Isla Fisher made quite a splash for VVV Magazine showing off her sexy legs in a stylish and sexy short attire and fashionable high heels. The woman is one of the most beautiful in Hollywood and always does a nice job of showing off her figure and hot legs in elegant and classy attire. I’d like to see more of her on the red carpet in media. She’s amazing.isla fisher isla fisher


Isla Fisher Crossed Legs in a Short Dress and High Heels at Her Movie Q&A

Isla Fisher is awesome. She seems to have a great personality and she is obviously a beauty. She made an appearance at some Q&A session for her latest movie, ‘Now You See Me’, wearing a sexy little mini dress and strappy red high heels. The dress was short on her thighs which showed off her sexy legs. Always with a smile she is a wonderful talent that is one of the entertainment cesspool’s most stylish inhabitants. She’s a fave.

isla fisher isla fisher


Isla Fisher in Tight Jeans and Black Stiletto High Heels

Here’s a couple of photos of the very lovely, and stylishly cute and sexy, Isla Fisher rushing in to appear on the Late Show with her freak husband. I lost two hours last night watching Hot Rod. What a stupid movie. Yet it was salvaged by Fisher’s appearance. Anyway, I like these photos of her in tight jeans and mounted in black stiletto high heels. It’s a very simple look yet extremely sexy. But then again perhaps I simply like Isla Fisher and really don’t care what she is or isn’t wearing.

isla fisherisla fisher

Isla Fisher in a Short Black Dress and Strappy High Heels

Isla Fisher continues to burn up the red carpet. She is working the premiere of her ‘Shopaholic’ movie for the folks in London. Wearing a short black dress and towering and strappy high heels, she looks amazing. I love the lack of length of hat dress. It does a wonderful job of displaying her sexy legs and the high heels make them seem very long. And I’d be remiss in not mentioning her gorgeous red hair. And lastly, I can’t think of any actress that has a prettier smile than Isla.


Isla Fisher in a White Dress and High Heels

More Isla Fisher photos. I dig her and like to see her in tight dresses and high heels so here you are. She has been out promoting her new movie recently which is great since it gives us a chance to check her out at the various red carpet events and movie premiere photo ops. Whatever, I’m just glad she is out getting her photo taken and being interviewed so we can check this redhead beauty out.

isla fisher

isla fisher

Isla Fisher in High Heels

Isla Fisher is a favorite of mine. Totally sexy and cute. She is very stylish. When she shows up for an event she always puts on a tight fitting dress that decorates her slim body just right. And she always straps herself into some sexy high heels.She is seen here at the premiere of her new movie Confessions of a Shopaholic wearing short and revealing dress with towering high heels. I really like the stilettos she is wearing.

isla fisherisla fisher