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Cat Deeley Has Pretty Legs in a Short Dress and High Heels

Normally I am a big fan of Cat Deeley and her gorgeous legs but I have cooled on this woman of late. Seems as though she is losing too much weight. She looks okay in these photos wearing a short dress showing off her long, pretty legs but there have been some other photos taken recently where she seemed too skinny. Anyway she looks fine here except for her high heels which are a complete disappointment and do nothing to accentuate her sexy legs.

Cat Deeley Has Great Legs in a Short Dress and High Heels

Cat Deeley has great legs. Unfortunately she appears to have lost some weight recently. Too much weigh. I think she is a very pretty entertainer but she looked better when she was a little more shapely. Stick thin figures are not that hot. She looks very nice in her short dress and funky high heels as she appears at the Saban Free dinner gala.

Cat Deeley in a Flirty Dress and High Heel Pumps

I really dig Cat Deeley. I think she is fun and flirty. Very sexy. She has a fantastic slim body. And she decorates her body in very eye pleasing ways. I think  she enjoys being objectified. Maybe just a little. She is always happy to be photographed and her outfits do a good job of showing off her sexy legs. I really like this photoshoot of her in a pretty yellow dress and high heel pumps. She looks fantastic. As much as I love her legs in these photos I have to say that her hair really kinda does it for me. This is some good work.