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Tinsley Mortimer in High Heels

Check out Tinsley Mortimer. She’s a socialite that’s apparently very famous. I’d posted up a photo of her a few months ago as she was filming a scene for Gossip Girl I think. Anyway, I think she’s pretty hot. Obviously she’s got the money to be as stylish and sexy as she wants to be. And she is. I like the high heels. Her legs look nice strapped into them. The girl has a nice body worthy of objectification. Nice work here.

Tinsley Mortimer in Tight Jeans and High Heels

This is apparently Tinsley Mortimer. Never heard of her before. She has a Wiki page so I discovered she is a NY socialite. How nice. Photos of her are popping up in the blogosphere because she is appearing in the over-hyped crapfest called Gossip Girl. Yay. All I know is the girl is kinda hot. Well, at least in this photo she is a lot of hot. You can rock my world any day in tight jeans and high heels. Well done Tinsley.

Tinsley Mortimer