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Heather Graham Classy in a Pretty Dress and Silver High Heels

Heather Graham looks amazing as she works her promotional schedule for her new project, whatever that is. She made a classy and elegant early morning appearance in a lovely little white dress that showed off her long legs with style and grace. She has a fabulous body and her legs are long and gorgeous. I always look forward to seeing her promoting her projects as she is a favorite.

Great legs in high heels

heather graham heather graham and one of the sexiest women in Hollywood.



Heather Graham Long Legs in a Pretty Sleeveless Dress and Strappy Heels

Heather Graham showed up to the AOL Build series in New York wearing a lovely sleeveless dress and strappy high heels that showed off her fabulous long legs to perfection. Her fashion choices are always stylish. She came out swinging for the cameras with her beautiful smile and gorgeous hair. She’s a favorite.

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heather grahamheather graham

Heather Graham Lovely in a Long Sleeved Mini Dress

Where has Heather Graham been? I seldom see her in the celebrity culture rags and blogs anymore. Which is a shame, of course, because she is quite lovely and talented. She dropped in on some red carpet for a movie premiere looking outstanding in a long sleeved mini dress with requisite pumps that showed off her amazing curves and stellar long legs. I hope she’ll find herself back on the celebrity promotion circuit more often. We need to see more elegance and class like this.

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Heather Graham Classic Revisited: Curves and Legs in a Revealing Blue Dress and High Heels

I really haven’t been able to give Heather Graham her due on this blog. I can’t believe I have made only one other post of this sexy and curvy woman. This is an oldy but a goody couple of photos of her making her way down the event carpet for the Hangover movie back in ’09. At least I think that’s what we are are seeing. Regardless of when she looked amazing in a revealing and skimpy blue dress that showed off her amazing booty, curves and long legs. She has a great body and tends to enjoy putting her sex appeal on display when given a chance.

Heather Graham Heather Graham

Heather Graham And Her Long Legs in High Heels

Heather Graham has really been making the rounds this summer. I’ve seen her in a ton of tasty outfits showing off her incredible body. She has long and gorgeous legs that she has been displaying beneath tight and short dresses and really nice high heels. I can’t say that her gams look like they get much effort put into them through exercise as she doesn’t seem the type. Those pretty legs are just genetic gifts. I’m glad she embraces her hotness and allows her fans to have a look.

Heather graham Heather graham


Heather grahamHeather graham