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Jennifer Garner Gorgeous Legs in Stylish Shorts and Elegant High Heels

Jennifer Garner was making the rounds in NYC parading her perfect toned legs in a pair of stylish shorts and elegant ankle strap high heels. She was promoting some food stuff for babies or something. Her street style game is incredibly fatastico and her long legs were on fashionable display. Celebrity class does not get much better than this. She is a truly amazing.

Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner  Jennifer GarnerJennifer Garner


Alison Brie Sexy Legs and Cleavage in a Thigh High Slit Plunging Dress

Alison Brie looks fantastic as she attends some ESPY award show wearing a lovely plunging dress with a thigh high slit that shows off her fabulous legs. She has been making her way around to various appearances getting as much mileage as she can for her GLOW TV show on Netflix. I don’t know how many of my visitors have watched that show but it is utter garbage despite the mainstream reviewers giving it positive marks. However, if it keeps Alison showing off her sexy legs and fabulous cleavage on the red carpets then by all means keep the hype coming.

alison brie alison brie alison brie


Reese Witherspoon is Street Style Perfection in Jeans and a Tied Top

Few women that are objects of the paparazzi attention wear denim better than Reese Witherspoon. Honestly her street style is just about the best among those who call the cesspool, otherwise known as Hollywood, home. She tooled around fondling her cellphone wearing a pair of typical blue jeans with chunky heels and a delightful tied at the belly top. Summer celebrity fashion is simply better with her showing off her street style.

reese witherspoon reese witherspoon reese witherspoon

Carla Gugino Elegant in a Strapless Blue Dress

Carla Gugino took to the red carpet in support of the new Dwayne Johnson action flick ‘Skyscraper’ wearing a lovely little blue strapless dress with a weird red tail and colorful strappy high heels. She looks fabulous as usual despite her penchant for wearing odd attire. Nonetheless I find her gorgeous and one of the more interesting celebrities in the cesspool otherwise known as Hollywood. She has sexy legs and gorgeous curves that were elegantly displayed as she worked her way down the red carpet. She’s a favorite.

carla gugino carla gugino carla gugino


Kristin Cavallari Sexy Legs in a Short Dress and Ankle Strap High Heels

Kristin Cavallari worked her fabulous legs in a short strapless dress and ankle strap high heels as she made her way through the city promoting whatever it is she does. She has a wonderful figure and dresses to impress. Her gorgeous legs are shapely and just about as perfect as any could be. Well done.

Celebrity legs in short dresses

kristin cavallari hot legs kristin cavallari


Amy Adams Elegance in a Low Cut Floral Dress and Matching Ankle Strap High Heels

Just going to go ahead and unleash another fabulous post of Amy Adams as we wind ourselves into the weekend. She showed up to promote her latest acting effort at AOL wearing a lovely low cut floral dress with matching ankle strap high heels. The dress was amply low cut for a classy amount of cleavage while the length was elegant with the high heels perfectly providing a lovely amount of sex appeal. She looked gorgeous as usual.

amy adams amy adamsamy adamsamy adams amy adams

Amy Adams Elegant in a Long Plunging Dress and Stylish High Heels

Well okay, so Amy Adams is not exactly showing off her fine legs in this fashionably long but plunging dress for her contractual obligation to promote ‘Sharp Objects’. I don’t care. First off her cleavage is amazing. Perfect curves and the woman knows exactly how to show off her bosom with class. Second she looks gorgeous, as usual. She is easily one of my top 1 or 2 favorite actresses both respecting her incredible talent as well as incomparable beauty. She’s a favorite and I’ll likely post her in whatever she chooses to wear. She may choose to show off her decolletage one appearance while covering her sexy legs and then next trip down red carpet lane she’ll reveal her fabulous legs. I’m happy with whatever she chooses and will post accordingly.

amy adams amy adams