Chloe Sevigny Stunning Legs and Nice Cleavage in LBD

Chloe Sevigny looked amazing in a little black number and high heels displaying her gorgeous legs and lovely cleavage posing for the red carpet treatment for American Horror Story. She always surprises me as she can be a fashion mess at times but when she decides to show off her sex appeal she can be a real show stopper. Her legs are super sexy. She doesn’t seem the type to work out but those gams are really toned.



Charlize Theron Street Stylish in Strappy High Heels

Charlize Theron is stunning in a colorful dress, blue blazer and very sexy strappy high heels that show off her lovely gams. This is the best I’ve seen of her in a long time. Maybe it just took a while to wash the Sean Penn residue off. She doesn’t look terribly amused but at least the exterior is quite fetching. This is top drawer street style.



Lea Michele Showing Off Her Sexy Curves and Great Legs in a Plunging Orange Dress

Lea Michele was out promoting her TV show Screen Queens to the late night yapfest wearing a stunningly sexy low cut and curve hugging orange dress and ankle strap high heels. She seemed in good cheer and enjoying the attention her hotness has on the celebrity worship culture.



Sarah Hyland Sexy Legs in a Little Black Party Dress and Ankle Strap High Heels at Emmy After Party

Sarah Hyland delivers a leggy appearance as she attends an Emmy after-party wearing a sexy little sleeveless black mini dress and platform ankle strap high heels. She is one of my favorite red carpet celebs. She is always stylish and does a great job of showing off her sex appeal and pretty slim legs.

sarah hyland sarah hyland

Emily Blunt Stunning in a Colorful Striped Crop Top With Matching Pencil Skirt and Pink High Heels

Unfortunately Emily Blunt made a few disparaging comments about becoming an American citizen this past week that she had to back away from. I doubt she really meant that she held America in such contempt as her attempt at political jokery was fairly bad. I certainly do not agree with her apparent political leanings but regardless, I recognize amazing talent and style when I see it. She’s been making the promo rounds for Sicario and found herself in a tasty little matching crop top and pencil skirt number with sexy pink high heels. She looked a amazing and I find her physical appearance to be rather delightful.

emily blunt emily blunt

Reese Witherspoon Shows Off Her Great Legs in Chunky Platform Heels and Monochrome mini Dress

Reese Witherspoon attended some museum celebration wearing a short black and white dress and chunky heel ankle strap platforms. Her legs looked incredible. She was photographed by the paparazzi getting in her run this week which is obviously the direct result of why she has a pair of the most toned and hottest legs in Hollywood. I always looks forward to see what this stylish woman is wearing to the various elite events. She loves to show off her sexy legs in a short attire and sky high heels. She makes the most of her stunning sex appeal.

Reese Witherspoon Reese Witherspoon