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Jennifer Lopez Showing Off Her Half Naked Body in Sequins and High Heels

Jennifer Lopez in some photoshoot where she draped green sequins over her nudity to show off her gorgeous legs and fabulous curves. I appreciate her middle-aged body being on par with most 20 years olds. I think as she gets older she enjoys revealing her body more and more. Middle aged people aren’t suppose to look like this so she may as well show it off while people are interested. She puts in the fitness work to achieve such sex appeal so who can blame her for indulging in her narcissism. jennifer lopez jennifer lopez


Amy Adams Elegance in a Low Cut Floral Dress and Matching Ankle Strap High Heels

Just going to go ahead and unleash another fabulous post of Amy Adams as we wind ourselves into the weekend. She showed up to promote her latest acting effort at AOL wearing a lovely low cut floral dress with matching ankle strap high heels. The dress was amply low cut for a classy amount of cleavage while the length was elegant with the high heels perfectly providing a lovely amount of sex appeal. She looked gorgeous as usual.

amy adams amy adamsamy adamsamy adams amy adams

Reese Witherspoon Best in Class Street Style in a Denim Skirt and Platform Wedge Heels

Reese Witherspoon always looks fabulous for the camera. Her street style is best in class. It obviously doesn’t hurt that her legs are amazing and she knows exactly how to show them off even if she is casual. This is a woman of elegance and style. When we have half naked tarts running around Hollywood seeing how much flesh they can get away with showing, it’s always nice to have someone like Reese remind us what class really is.

reese witherspoon reese witherspoon reese witherspoon



Amy Adams Beauty in a Floral Dress and Ankle Strap High Heels

Amy Adams looks amazing appearing at the Giffoni Film Festival photocall, whatever that is. Stunningly beautiful, elegant and altogether adorable Amy shows what class is appearing in a lovely knee length floral dress and ankle strap high heels that displayed her fabulous toned gams to perfection. There aren’t many actresses plying the trade in Hollywood that I admire more than Amy Adams. Actually there is exactly none.

Amy Adams Amy Adams Amy Adams



Reese Witherspoon Summertime Sexy in a Floral Dress and Strappy High Heels

Reese Witherspoon made an appearance on behalf of some Disney event wearing a lovely little floral dress that made the most of her fabulous figure and shapely legs. Her strappy high heels showed off her top tier Hollywood legs quite nicely. She looked amazing and classy as usual.

reese witherspoon reese witherspoon




Olivia Munn Sexy Legs in Thigh High Slit White Dress and Louboutin Pumps

Olivia Munn promoted some skin cream or something wearing a sleek thigh high slit white dress and floral Christian Louboutin pumps. As usual she looked fabulous. Perfect style in gorgeous fashion that showed off her lovely legs in high heels. Well done.

olivia munn olivia munn olivia munn