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Amy Adams Was Best Dressed at Oscars

Amy Adams was this blog’s best dressed for the 2019 Academy Awards. It’s no surprise as she is my favorite and never dresses without class and style. Her gown was curve hugging and showed off her fabulous d├ęcolletage quite nicely. She has great legs but they were completely hidden. She could have worn flip-flops beneath the dress for all I know. There were a couple of other notable celebs who looked okay but for the most part the whole event was unremarkable. Unless you are looking for the worst dressed. Then there was a bounty of prospects worthy of your acclaim. Rachel Weisz, Sarah Paulson, Kacey Musgraves and Maya Rudolph lead the laugh parade but there were tons more not worth my time divulging.

Let’s just enjoy Amy Adams in all her stunningly beautiful glory.

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Amy Adams at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party

And of course she changed outfits to attend the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. A lovely plunging dress perfect for her statuesque and classic figure.

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Amy Adams Gorgeous in a Black Thigh High Slit Strapless Gown at SAG Awards

Amy Adams looked gorgeous as she attended her industry’s self congratulating orgy. He shapely legs looked amazing in a strapless gown with a lovely thigh high front slit and ankle strap high heels. I think among all the talent at this event she was by far my favorite. She always looks classy and stylish.

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Amy Adams Lovely in a Black Evening Dress for DGAs

Amy Adams showed up for the Director’s Guild Awards, whatever that is, looking rather lovely in a black evening dress and sexy high heels. I browsed through the photos from the event of the Hollywood elite and didn’t find anyone else really making an impression. I guess Kate Beckinsale’s boobs were alright but I just wasn’t moved to make an effort post much more than this statement regarding them. Amy on the other hand is a favorite and despite some misgivings from previous award show nonsense this season she looks really nice here. Even giving a lovely peek of her sexy gams and stylish high heels. The award season has been dismal. And this appearance by Amy doesn’t even rank in the top ten of her best red carpet events. But you take what you can get and I certainly find her a style and fashion adequate for a posting notice.

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Amy Adams Sexy Legs at Vanity Fair Party

Amy Adams appeared at the Vanity Fair after party in 2018 wearing a sexy black thigh high slit gown and lovely Jimmy Choo platform high heel sandals. Looking forward to seeing her at this years event. Of all the talent that appeared few were as classy and sexy as she was. Plenty of skin was to be had in plunging tops and crotch level slits but at least Amy kept things classy and elegant. Less is more particularly in this case. Without question she is a favorite not only for her talent but for her red carpet glamour.

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The Golden Globes Horrible Dressed Red Carpet Gala. And Then There is Stunning Halle Berry.

The Golden Globes disappointed in spectacular style for red carpet fashion. Halle Berry’s breasts and Amy Adams class notwithstanding it was a visual disappointment. Pretty much across the carpet. Alison Brie’s cleavage looked nice but her hair was distracting and pretty horrible. Nicole Kidman poured herself into dark red sequins and looked rather nice. Emily Blunt was proper in a silver cutout dress that hugged her lovely figure. Saoirse Ronan did a fine job of showing off her bosom in a plunging silver sequined dress. I will also say that since most celebrity’s shoes were covered I did enjoy seeing Saoirse’s fine footwear through the sheer material. Irina Shayk looked flawless but being a sexy swimsuit supermodel is just not fair and she wasn’t among the talent awarding themselves for their greatness.

That’s just about it that interested me in a good way.

Jessica Chastain was a major disappointment. She never disappoints until now.
Julianne Moore was reliably pretty and whackily dressed.
Lady Gaga had 20 feet of fabric trailing behind. That is annoying.
Glum Rosamund Pike continues to disappoint.
Anne Hathaway used to be a favorite. Now I just remember the good ol’ days.
Keri Russell has great legs and not so great chest. Which do you suppose she showed off?
Jodi Comer, c’mon now. Brightest new star dressed like she is a boring mature old lady.
Rachel Wesiz, one of the most beautiful women in the world, continues her subpar fashion display.
Charlize Theron was reliably gorgeous and dressed and looked bored.
Judy Greer, never on my list, will never be on my list dressing like a dude.
Julia Roberts wore a mullet dress, with pants. WTH?
Isla Fisher pretty yet dressed like she going to the prom.
Kate Mara showed off her boobs in a horrible matronly dress.
Emma Stone was pretty and respected her modesty.
Heidi Klum looked like she let her kids decorate her dress.
Lucy Liu disappointed. I mean, the cape. Neon embellishments?

Shit was so bad that Rachel Brosnahan in her utterly boring bright yellow dress was announced as one of the best dressed.

Here is a list of worst dressed from Daily Mail that listed a few from my list above and others I really have no idea who they are and will likely never care to.

I’ll leave you with photos of Halle Berry and her gorgeous boobs and lovely booty. Just a fabulous looking woman. Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Saoirse Ronan and Alison Brie’s bosom deserve further recognition as well. Enjoy.

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Amy Adams Plunging Cleavage in a White Dress at BAFTA Tea Party Red Carpet

Amy Adams classed up the red carpet for a Hollywood BAFTA tea party wearing a plunging white dress that showed off her fabulous bosom. Amy remains one of my favorite actresses and celebrities…wait a tea party? Really? Anyway she is always classy and impeccably dressed as she has incredible style and sex appeal. She enjoys revealing her stunning cleavage which is fine by me but I do hope that this award season she chooses to show off her gorgeous shapely legs in towering high heels. Hopefully this is a taste to come of her world class fashion on the Hollywood elite back patting red carpet events.

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Amy Adams Gorgeous Cleavage Covered in Black Lace Beneath a Pale Blue Pantsuit

Amy Adams hit the red carpet showing off her fabulous cleavage wearing a black lace undergarment under a pale blue pantsuit. She is gorgeous as usual as she made her way down the red carpet for her premiere of ‘Sharp Objects’. As usual she looked amaizng as she is continues to be one of the most classy and elegant Hollywood actresses working today. She is a favorite.

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Amy Adams Stunning in a See Through Dress and Sexy High Heels

Amy Adams has become my favorite actress. Her talent is indisputable ranking her in the top 5 of actresses working today. Her beauty and style is incomparable. She always keeps it tasteful and classy while showing off plenty of sex appeal. She appeared at some event wearing a lovely and colorful see through dress that showed off a hint oif her incredibly shapely legs. Her foot attire was as usual fabulous. She is one of the few actresses I will go to a picture show specifically for her performance.

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Amy Adams Elegance in a Low Cut Floral Dress and Matching Ankle Strap High Heels

Just going to go ahead and unleash another fabulous post of Amy Adams as we wind ourselves into the weekend. She showed up to promote her latest acting effort at AOL wearing a lovely low cut floral dress with matching ankle strap high heels. The dress was amply low cut for a classy amount of cleavage while the length was elegant with the high heels perfectly providing a lovely amount of sex appeal. She looked gorgeous as usual.

amy adams amy adamsamy adamsamy adams amy adams

Amy Adams Elegant in a Long Plunging Dress and Stylish High Heels

Well okay, so Amy Adams is not exactly showing off her fine legs in this fashionably long but plunging dress for her contractual obligation to promote ‘Sharp Objects’. I don’t care. First off her cleavage is amazing. Perfect curves and the woman knows exactly how to show off her bosom with class. Second she looks gorgeous, as usual. She is easily one of my top 1 or 2 favorite actresses both respecting her incredible talent as well as incomparable beauty. She’s a favorite and I’ll likely post her in whatever she chooses to wear. She may choose to show off her decolletage one appearance while covering her sexy legs and then next trip down red carpet lane she’ll reveal her fabulous legs. I’m happy with whatever she chooses and will post accordingly.

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