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Rosamund Pike Lovely in a Red Pantsuit and High Heels

Rosamund Pike looked very perry despite wearing a relatively uninspiring red pantsuit. Her shoes saved the day as she worked the ankle strap high heels down the red carpet. This is a woman who has fabulous legs and curves but unfortunately keeps them covered in whacky attire. I still check to see what’s going on as she can have an upside surprise every once in a while.

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Rosamund Pike Great Legs in a Black and White One Shoulder Dress

Rosamunud Pike showed up for a BAFTA party or get together or whatever the thing is for the Hollywood elite wearing an odd black and white one shoulder dress. I really like Rosamund and her long legs and fabulous figure but damn if her choice of fashion is pretty whacky. She doesn’t appear to care much for making her contractual red carpet obligations. I can’t blame her but personally I like seeing her and those shapely legs in high heels. Trouble is we are at odds with her choice of style.

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Rosamund Pike Sexy in a Red and Black Floral Printed Dress

Rosamund Pike looked pretty in a red dress with black floral print and high heel booties as she attended some film festival. She is a favorite. Usually one gets an idea of how the talent stays in shape in interviews and such but I haven’t heard or seen anything about Rosamund. However, it is quite obvious she participates in some physical activities as her legs, her calves, are toned and look amazing. I would have preferred better photos as these really do little to show off her beauty (no smile!) in proper fashion although her figure and style look  fantastic.

rosamund-pike rosamund-pike