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Marisa Miller Curves in a White Mini Dress and Louboutin Pumps

Marisa Miller looks incredible, as usual, as she attends some award thing at Spike TV. She wears her requisite tight, low cut and short mini dress that displays her stunning curves and long gorgeous legs. She really knows how to dress for maximum exposure and attention.

marisa millermarisa miller

Marisa Miller Has Gorgeous Legs in Short Shorts and High Heels

Nice to see blonde babe Marisa Miller tooling around the event carpets once again. She is seen here at some Wet Republic event showing off her wonderful cleavage in a flimsy top and push up bra and her sexy legs in short shorts and sexy high heels. It takes a special kind of high heel sandals to wear with shorts and not look slutty. She gets it right with her strappy gladiator leather platform sandals which always look fun and sexy in shorts. This is some good work.

marisa miller sexy legs in high heelsmarisa miller sexy legs in high heels

Victoria’s Secret Models in 2008 Show

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is on TV this week. It’s typically a waste of an hour. Sure the girls are beyond hot and skimpily dressed but it’s so…stupid. The costumes are ridiculous. The presentation is cheesy. I’d prefer to simply see the photos and move on. So in that regard I’ve collected a few of my favorite photos from the 2008 show of the Victoria’s Secret models in high heels and posted them up.

Adriana Lima – Simply beautiful.
Ana Beatriz Barros – I like her high heels the best. I love a simple stiletto.
Angela Lindval – Gorgeous
Heidi Klum – Perhaps the best thighs of the group, but I’m not a fan of her costumes.
Izabel Goulart – Another babe in simple stilettos. She may have been the prettiest to me.
Julia Stegner – Wow. I thought Marisa Miller was my favorite. Maybe the sexiest of all.
Karolina Kurkova – Beautiful leggy blonde.
Marisa Miller – The best hair. The best body.









Marissa Miller is Leggy in Funky High Heels

Marissa Miller has again fascinated me in a sexy photoshoot. Here she is posing in Malibu magazine. I think the photographer and stylist got this right. There is something very hot about a leggy girl in stockings and funky high heels. Marissa Miller is a favorite.

Alessandra Ambrosio and Marisa Miller in High Heels

The women of Victoria’s Secret have got to be the most beautiful women in the world. They each have the most perfect bodies. They are beautiful. They are exotic. They are sexy and spirited. GQ Magazine ran a pictorial of the Victoria Secret models as “Girls Gone Wild” or some crap. All I know is that Alessandra Ambrosio and Marisa Miller look beautiful in their lingerie and high heels. Their legs are simply amazing.

Celebrity High Heels After a Month

This blog has been functional for about a month now. I have posted celebrities in high heels that I like. I like the heels high, the legs shapely and the babes hot. It’s a simple recipe really. So I went through the logs to see who people like and the results were mildly amusing. I think I’ve posted a rather nice selection of celebrities wearing their high heels. I’ve posted Diane Sawyer in high heels. She’s in her 60’s and still looking very sexy. I posted Dana Delaney in high heels and she still looks amazing in her 50’s. I’ve posted Teri Hatcher in high heels and she’s rocking the 40’s. Charlize Theron is gorgeous in high heels and she is in her 30’s. And of course there are a ton of photos of chicks in their 20’s in high heels. So guess who the readers of this blog cared about the most so far?

1. Jessica Simpson – A lot of people want to see Jessica in her platform high heels. No wonder, as she has very shapely legs. She may get attention for her bosom but her legs are damn sexy as well. She garnered the most interest on this blog than any other celebrity by a huge margin.

Jessica Simpson

2. Lindsey Lohan – People are digging the girl in her leggings. Judging by the results of the first two, this blog is clearly read by a young crowd.

3. Anna Kournikova – Interesting. She has done nothing, yet people still want to check her out.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow – Gwyneth pretty much kicked off this blog. She was tooling around in her towering high heel platform shoes for the Ironman promotion. She was looking incredible.

5. Kate Beckinsale – People love these leggings. Kate and Lindsey in high heels and leggings proved to be very popular posts.

Surprises: I thought more people would dig Charlize. She proved not as popular as Marisa Miller, Victoria Beckham, Fergie, hell, even Heidi Montag.

Marisa Miller in Mini Dress and High Heels

More goodness that is Marisa Miller. Can’t resist. She is about as perfect as any woman can be. Beautiful. Perfect natural boobs. Long shapely legs. Curvy. I sound like a babbling idiot describing her. She’s making the most of the limelight of late and she doesn’t disappoint with her photo appearances. One day we’ll see photos of her after coming back from the trash dump in some sweat pants, ratty tennis shoes and a hoodie with bad skin and wonder why the cruelty. Or like every other celebrity chick she’ll get pregnant and offer us tantalizing views of her massive boobage and wanting little else. Maybe she’ll do something awful with plastic surgery that will make us cry. But for now, there is nothing but perfection. I’m going to enjoy her 15 minutes.



Marisa Miller Eye-Popping Curves in a Black Mini Dress

Marissa Miller looks incredible working the red carpet in a fabulous low cut, curve hugging short black mini dress and Christian Louboutin pumps. Not much to say other than physically the woman is perfect. Her makeup is fresh, the hair is lovely, the body is killer. She looks toned and healthy. I’m very impressed. I saw an interview with her recently and she was smart and engaging.

These photos were from her appearance at Spike TV’s Guy Choice Award. She was in some category called Hot ‘n Fresh. She was up against Meagan Good. I have no idea who that person is. She’s going to have to bring her otherworldly game to defeat Marisa.

Marissa MillerMarissa Miller


Marisa Miller in High Heels

Marisa Miller in high heels is almost not fair. This is a woman who gets paid to model and wear high heels virtually all day. If she’s not wearing them for sexy photo shoots she’s being photographed in them at various events. Lucky for us she probably never gets a chance to take them off except when she is on the beach for swimwear modeling. I think this woman is one of the sexiest babes around these days. I guess I’m not alone in that observation since she was voted #1 in the Top 100 Maxim list. I don’t know anyone this side of Charlize Theron that can compete with Marisa’s beauty and gorgeous legs. And sorry to say but Marisa’s curves compete much better too. It’s my job as objectifier to point these things out.

That said, this photo is amazing. There is something, well everything, about the back of a women’s legs in a pair of high heels. Given that Marisa is wearing a barely there dress makes it even more incredible. I’m not sure how I will be able to top this in posts to come.

Marissa Miller