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Jennifer Lopez in a Tight Feather Dress and Sky High Stilettos

Jennifer Lopez posed on the red carpet in a lovely feathery lace black dress that tightly fit her curves. She paired the attire with sexy ankle strap heels with a sky stiletto. She looked lovely attending some independent film awards deal. Awards season is fast approaching which will be fun to watch  as the celebrities begin working their dresses and shoes for the red carpet cameras. Eyes will be on Ms. Lopez to see what she is or isn’t wearing.

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Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Cleavage in a Pink Plunging Gown

Jenifer Lopez showed off her tight curves and shapely legs in thigh high slit dress and platform ankle strap high heels as she made her way down the red carpet in support of a previous pagan music party. She looks incredible. She never disappoints as she always wears the right attire to show off some portion of her fabulous body. Always interested in seeing how she presents herself to the red carpet. Seldom a disappointment.

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Jennifer Lopez Showing Off Her Legs at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Jennifer Lopez legs in high heels are quite impressive. I’ve seen a few posts on the various celebrity sites of her working out. It appears her fitness regime continues t pay off as her figure and sexy legs looked incredible. She wore a thigh high front slit flashy dress with sky high heels on the Vanity Fair Oscar party red carpet. She looks incredible. I don’t care for the dress but am appreciative of the fact that it was sexy and revealing. She seldom disappoints and this event was no different.

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Jennifer Lopez Leggy in a Doll Dress and Thigh High Stiletto Boots

Jenifer Lopez showed up for some party wearing a little baby doll dress and thigh high stiletto boots. Interesting contrast in what amounts to an adult doll dress with kinky boots. Few could, or should, try to pull off this look but because Lopez has great legs and a lovely figure she can manage the sexy whacky from time to time. Luckily style and class tends to be her operandi and fashion fails are few and far between. I can forgive the style as well, because hell, she still looks great.

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Jennifer Lopez Showing Off Her Half Naked Body in Sequins and High Heels

Jennifer Lopez in some photoshoot where she draped green sequins over her nudity to show off her gorgeous legs and fabulous curves. I appreciate her middle-aged body being on par with most 20 years olds. I think as she gets older she enjoys revealing her body more and more. Middle aged people aren’t suppose to look like this so she may as well show it off while people are interested. She puts in the fitness work to achieve such sex appeal so who can blame her for indulging in her narcissism. jennifer lopez jennifer lopez


Jennifer Lopez Shapely Legs in a Curve Hugging Lace Up Front Little White Dress and Gold High Heels

Jennifer Lopez and her publicity appearances is the only reason I care anything about American Idol. She gets plenty of attention making her way to the AI set wearing short and revealing dresses and skirt with towering high heels. This photo was a favorite back during the AI media blitz. She looked amazing in a curve hugging, short, little white dress with lace front and gold high heels that showed off her amazing shapely legs.

Jennifer Lopez



Jennifer Lopez Incredible Legs in a Short Skirt and High Heels on the Way to ‘Idol’

Jennifer Lopez has great legs. Few in entertainment are blessed with, and few probably put in the hard work at having, such incredible legs. She’s stylish and loves to show off her curves and legs in tight and short attire and towering high heels. Other than that I have nothing. I don’t care for her music. I don’t care for her movie projects. I don’t like American Idol. But the woman has an incredible physique and wears great clothes and fabulous shoes. So as long as she insists on parading herself around in front of the cameras and displaying her perfect legs I’ll be taking notice.

jeniffer lopez legs jeniffer lopez legs


Jennifer Lopez Booty and Sexy Legs in a Tight Black Pencil Skirt and High Heels

Jennifer Lopez made an appearance in the sewage drain of America, D.C., to appeal to politicians and money bags for more diversity for Latinos on television. As usual she had her sex appeal on full display wearing a tight black pencil skirt, bronze sparkling blouse and high heels covered in metal spikes. She looked great and her crossed legs were a delight to behold. Unfortunately I’m sure she had something to say which was probably annoying.

jennifer lopez jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez in Thigh High Stiletto Boots

Jennifer Lopez was out promoting her latest movie attempt ‘Parker’ wearing a daring leopard-print ensemble and thigh-high Louboutin boots in New York. The woman really knows how to make the most of her appearances wearing sexy and eye-catching attire. Fact is, not many of the Hollyweird elite could pull off this look without looking ridiculous. I understand that Lopez is not keen on people looking at her when she is being served by the little people. Apparently you can’t talk to her or look her directly in the eye. Truly retarded. I don’t understand these people. But some, like Lopez, are rather fun to look at despite being annoying.

jenifer lopez thigh high boots jenifer lopez thigh high boots

Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Booty and Sexy Legs in a Tight White Body Con Dress and White Louboutin Heels

Jennifer Lopez shows off her curves in a dress that looks to be almost painted on. Her bottom looks incredible from the rear photos and her gorgeous legs are as alluring as ever. Love the towering white stilettos she is wearing which really accentuate her beautiful legs.

jennifer lopez booty legs and heelsjennifer lopez booty legs and heelsjennifer lopez booty legs and heels