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Penelope Cruz Red Carpet Class and Style in Madrid

Penelope Cruz took to the red carpet for some cinema award show in Madrid looking particularly ravishing in a thigh high slit dress and sexy high heels. Red carpet style doesn’t get much better than this. Beautiful foreign actress. Great body. Sexy legs. Expensive fashion and great shoes that look amazing. Classy. She seldom disappoints.


penelope cruz penelope cruz.



Ming-Na Wen Lovely in Black for the Red Carpet

Ming-Na Wen is a fabulous looking actress who appears on some super hero TV show that I quit watching about two years ago. But I liked her a lot on the show when I bothered tuning in. She’s a butt-kicking action chick that happens to be quite lovely in appearance. She showed up for some red carpet event promoting some new super hero movie wearing a black leather strapless dress and sexy platform pumps. I’d prefer to see her wear something a little less flared at the bottom and without the weird neckline embellishment but she still looked fab. Great body and lovely gams in stilettos. Well done.Ming-Na Wen Ming-Na Wen

Paris Hilton Long Legs in a Short Skirt and Fishnet Stockings

It seems like it’s been a long time since anyone cared what Paris Hilton was doing. She still looks nice and dresses to impress. She made it out of her compound wearing a sexy little skater dress with crochet ankle high heel booties and fishnet stockings. Her top was sheer allowing a view of her brassiere, which seems to be the fad these days. Her long legs are still rather impressive and time has made her less annoying.


paris hilton
paris hilton

Ali Larter Smoking Hot in Black at the Golden Globes Party

Ali Larter looked incredible in a short and low cut black lace dress and strappy nude high heels as she attended some Golden Globes party. As Hollywood grows more loathsome seemingly each month at least the talent continues to enjoy showing of their sex appeal and style for the red carpet events.

It’s a difficult place to be commenting and observing celebrity fashion as my understanding is women are critical of being objectified yet the prevailing notion in today’s style and fashion is less is more. This has little to do with Ali Larter in particular as she may enjoy dressing up and being pretty and noticed for her fabulous sex appeal and beauty. Or maybe not. Maybe she would say thank you for commenting on her beauty. Or maybe she would claim sexual harassment. I don’t know. It’s like, do you open the door for a women to be polite or will they hate you as they think you assume they can’t do it for themselves. It’s a weird place in these Divided States of America.

Anyway, I’ll go out on a limb here and say Ali Larter looked incredible.

ali larterali larter

Diane Kruger Leggy in White on the BAFTA Red Carpet

Diane Kruger looked rather spiffy as she attended some BAFTA event and posed smartly in a little white one shoulder dress and chunky silver heels on the red carpet. Her sexy legs were on point as she showed them off in the asymmetrical above the knee dress. She has whacky fashion sense but always does a nice job of showing off her lovely figure. I can honestly say that I look forward to seeing what she looks like parading herself down the various event carpets.

diane kruger diane kruger


Jordana Brewster Sexy Legs in a Mini Dress for TCA Appearance

Jordana Brewster has great legs. For some reason it feels like she flies under the cultural radar but then she appears on the red carpet promoting a project and I think, well damn, isn’t she lovely and classy showing off her beautiful legs in stylish attire. I mean I have a mental list of celebrities who I find most appealing, classy and stylish and she doesn’t immediately come to mind. But then I see her on the red carpet in a fabulous outfit showing off her stunning legs and I think that it doesn’t get much better. I really have to pay more attention.

jordana brewster


Elizabeth Banks Lovely in a Thigh High Slit Red Dress

Elizabeth Banks took to the red carpet to support her latest Pitch Perfect project wearing a lovely floor-length red dress. The curve hugging sequined number had a fabulous slit up the side to show off her sexy legs in satin red ankle strap high heels. Quite a talent and stunning woman.

elizabeth banks
elizabeth banks elizabeth banks