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Maria Menounos Rocking Short Shorts and High Heels

Nothing is more summer sexy than a sleek pair of short shorts and stylish high heels. Maria Menounos, who happens to have top drawer legs, displays this fashion to perfection. I really don’t know much about this woman. She’s on a daytime show talking to the idiots who are standing outside while it’s being filmed. American morning TV is so weird. But it gives us a chance to see Maria wearing her typical figure flattering mini dresses and high heels. I have no idea where she was tooling off to wearing the shorts and heels but luckily someone tipped off the paps and they got a photo of it. That’s how publicity works yo.

maria menounosmaria menounos

Maria Menounos Red Carpet Curves and Killer Legs in a Red Dress

I don’t think it would be unreasonable to suggest that Maria Menounos has the perfect body. I mean, you know, if you are into beautiful sporty women with toned shapely legs and stunning curves who also happen to be stylish and enjoys showing off their physical attributes. She made her way down the red carpet for some QVC fashion event wearing a figure hugging red dress and nude high heels. Quite the booty pose she gives the camera. Always looking forward to seeing her red carpet appearances.

Maria Menounos -QVC Red Carpet Style Event1 Maria Menounos -QVC Red Carpet Style Event

Maria Menounos Classy Business in the Front and Sexy Party in the Back

Digging this Maria Menounos. I haven’t really been up on what this woman does. TV host or something right? All I know is that she has been making the rounds over the summer wearing as little as possible. Bikinis, mini dresses, revealing gowns, yep, she has been showing off her wonderful sex appeal. I like that she appears fit and healthy. On the blue event carpet, she allows the cameras to get a nice look at her, BAM!, behind and toned legs. Her dress is low cut…in the back, mate. Nice! And the heels accentuate her shapely gams. Well done.

maria menounosmaria menounos

Maria Menounos Has a Amazing Curves and Gorgeous Legs in Ugly Wedge High Heels

I have never made a post about Maria Menounos. Curious as she is beautiful, has a great body and sexy legs. I think the times that I have seen her she is stylish too. Obviously an egregious oversight. Perhaps she doesn’t work her way down many event carpets. I dunno but I think she looks great in her tight dress that hugs her nice curves. Cant’s say I am a huge fan of wedge high heels but they do accentuate her gorgeous legs nicely.

Maria Menounos Maria Menounos