Jennifer Love Hewitt Sexy Legs in a Short Pink Dress and High Heels

Jennifer Love Hewitt spent Easter showing off her sexy legs wearing a short pink dress and towering slingback high heels. She’s been seen recently promoting her latest TV effort, The Client List. she’s appeared on numerous TV talk shows wearing tight and short dresses and sky high heels. This time she reveals her shapely legs while keeping her voluptuous curves covered. When she works on it she has a great figure. And when she is feeling confident in her body she loves to show it off wearing tight, short and revealing attire in sexy high heels. She looks great.

Jennifer Love Hewitt jennifer love hewitt
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt Shows Off Her Sexy Legs and Gorgeous Curves in a Hot Red Dress and High Heels

Jennifer Love Hewitt is red hot on the set of Client List. She poured her curves into a sexy red mini dress that gave her breasts a pleasant amount of cleavage and showed off her bountiful curves. When she shapes up and embraces her hotness she can bring the sex appeal. Her sexy legs are accentuated in a typical pair of nude platform high heels. It’s always nice to see her back in her voluptuous and sexy form.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is Curvy and Leggy in a Tight Mini Dress and Sexy High Heels

Jennifer Love Hewitt is stunning in a tight pink mini dress that shows every inch of her voluptuous curves. The dress is low cut and short showing off her sexy cleavage and gorgeous legs. She is wearing a pair of hot Christian Louboutin studded platform high heels that accentuate her beautiful legs. Like they say “hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave.”

jennifer love hewitt legs and heelsjennifer love hewitt legs and heels

jennifer love hewitt legs and heels

Jennifer Love Hewitt Has Hot Legs in a Short Dress and High Heels

Jennifer Love Hewitt goes shopping on Melrose Place showing off her sexy legs in wedge high heels. She has shapely legs. I can’t say I care for her hairstyle and I’m  not loving the wedge shoes but she still looks cute and sexy. I like that she is fit yet not your typical Hollywood waif. She has a great figure and nice legs.

jennifer love hewitt shopping on melrosejennifer love hewitt shopping on melrose

Jennifer Love Hewitt Has Nice Curves and Great Legs in a Sexy Red Dress and High Heels

Jennifer Love Hewitt rocks a tight red dress that shows off her amazing curves and sexy legs at fashion week in NYC. The dress is cut low in the front while providing a nice view of her sexy legs. She has on a sexy pair of platform high heels that accentuate her legs nicely. She looks great and the dress really works well with her figure. You have to love the shot of her walking away from the camera.

jennifer love hewitt red dress
jennifer love hewitt red dress

Jennifer Love Hewitt Has Great Legs in High Heels

Check out Jennifer Love Hewitt. Breaking up with her boyfriend really agrees with her. She unfortunately cut off her hair (typical of a woman needing change after a break up) but she has taken to showing off her tight and fit body. Her legs are getting some attention lately as she has been seen around the big city wearing short dresses and skirts. She is seen in these photos stopping off at another appearance for her ‘Cupid’ book wearing a knee length skirt and sexy high heels.

Jennifer Love Hewitt in high heelsJennifer Love Hewitt in high heels

Jennifer Love Hewitt in Black High Heels

I guess I must be on a Jennifer Love Hewitt roll. She’s back on my radar after being absent for a year or so. Over the last couple weeks at the different premieres the girl has been looking very nice. This photo finally has her showing a bit of that world class cleavage. Of course I was drawn to the sexy black high heels. She has really been giving the red carpets a workout in her high heels.  No complaint here. I support this activity wholeheartedly.