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Denise Richards Shows Off Her Fit Legs in a Lime Green Dress and Pink High Heels

Denise Richards showed off her stunning toned and shapely legs wearing a short lime green dress and towering pink high heels for her appearance on GMA. I’m not sure anyone in entertainment has more defined calves than this woman. I mean, holy crap. Otherwise I think she’s looking a bit thin and orange. But her gams are certainly worth mentioning and she always seems to enjoy displaying her sex appeal.

Denise Richards Denise Richards

Denise Richards – Making 20 Year Olds Wish They Were 40

I have no idea what the hell Denise Richards is up to but she sure has been seen around cameras lately. Which I suggest is a grand thing. The woman continues her tour de force of gorgeous legs display. For reasons only her publicists knows and even fewer care about, she made an appearance on GMA and a subsequent trip to the top of the Empire State Building. Fun! We dig the fact that she slipped into a white dress and strappy high heels to make the trip to the top. And we’re glad the cameras followed her every move because her body and shapely legs are fun to look at.

denise richardsdenise richardsdenise richardsdenise richards

Denise Richards Smoking Hot in a Curve Hugging Short Mini Dress at the CMT Music Awards

Denise Richards is gorgeous as she makes a welcome appearance to the cheesefest, otherwise known as the CMT Music Awards. The woman has a body any chick half her age would love to sport. Her shapely legs are amazing in her sexy mini dress and high heels. Her gams are well supported in typical Christian Louboutin pumps. Beautiful smile. Lovely hair. Curves. Oozing all kinds of sex appeal. Well done.

denise richards CMT awardsdenise richards CMT awards

Denise Richards Has Toned Legs in High Heels

Denise Richards just has  nice body. She very pretty and sexy. I love her hair. I think she’s kind of a wingnut but a damn hot one. She appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show wearing a short dress that showed off plenty of her sexy legs. And of course she was strapped into some very nice high heels that really accentuates her fantastic gams. Nice work here.


Denise Richards in High Heels on MTV

So this week’s trainwreck appears to be Denise Richards. She and Charlie Sheen are ramping up the public insults. Something about sperm and each one calling the other a liar and email doctoring and blah, blah, blah. Denise Richards is pretty sexy. She has great body. I’d classify her as a top shelf MILF. She was on MTV promoting her stupid reality show. I guess she was trying to get The Hills crowd on board with her show. I didn’t see it as I haven’t watched MTV in like 20 years. But I have seen the photos. And where there are photos of sexy and hot chicks there will be objectification.

So I’m not overly thrilled with the photos I’ve seen. I like the dress. I like the shoes. Denise looks pretty. The body is fine. But the hat. I hate hats. It looked stupid. Denise has some of the best hair in the business. Why cover that shit up? There is something about Denise that leaves me thinking “eh”. The body is there. She’s pretty. She’s stylish…mostly. But there is something just not there. Kind of like this post. There is filler but there is just nothing here. No substance.

Denise Richards