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Katy Perry Has Great Legs in a Revealing Mini Dress and Platform High Heels

Katy Perry might be annoying as hell but she certainly has a great body. Her boobs are large. Her legs are shapely and long. She is very pretty. And, you know, virtually no other girl embraces her hotness as much as Perry does these days. But as much attention that is paid to her huge boobs, I contend her sexy legs are just as incredible. Her dresses are always short and her heels are always sky high. Such a lovely woman. She struts her stuff on the red carpet at some Much Music event.

katy perry has gorgeous legs in high heelsKaty Perry katy perry

Katy Perry Has Long Sexy Legs in a Mini Dress and High Heels

Katy perry has a great body. People love her big boobs. I kind of dig her long shapely legs. she does a good job of showing off both assets. Low cut dresses. Short skirts. High Heels. I really don’t care about her as a performer. Couldn’t care less about her music. But I like the way she looks and think she has very pretty legs in high heels.

Katy Perry has hot legs in a mini dress and high heels Katy Perry has hot legs in a mini dress and high heels

Katy Perry Has Sexy Legs in a Skirt and High Heels

Katy Perry can surprise sometimes. I’ve seen this chick wear some of the worst outfits and other times she will wear something that is unbelievably sexy on her curvy body. She may be known for her big breasts but she actually has sexy legs as well. They are long and seem rather fit and toned. I’m not certain how much she exercises but she seems to keep things tight and her legs show that effort. She looks great in her modest skirt and designer high heels.

katy perrykaty perry